The Zari Hassan We Know Is Back!!

Written By : melvine

Seems like all the drama Zari Hassan has been through is exactly what she needed to bring her boss self back.

2017 is the year Zari will always remember the heartbreak she has faced this year very few of us would still remain standing. Zari lost Ivan earlier this month and few months later her beloved mother passed on too but that was not all because Diamond and Hamisa had a baby like 2 months ago and apparently their affair has been ongoing long before Wema Sepetu was Diamond’s girlfriend.

Anyway after going through all this we are witnessing zari the boss lady coming back to the surface. This is the Zari Hassan we know and love.

From managing Broklyn Colleges to hosting enterprenual speech zari seems to be back with a bang and we love it.

Zari Hassan will be in Nairobi on 17th November teaching audiences how to use social media to grow their brand.

Seems like Zari just did a photoshoot for Merceedes Benz Pretoria branch and the pictures are very elegant.

Below are her merceedes photoshoot

Finally on 21st December the bosslady will be in Uganda for her famous, Zari All White Party.

I love this new Zari compared to the old one that was all over Diamond Platnumz.

Do you Zari. A lot of young people are looking upto you and clearly your work can inspire them alot compared to your love life.


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