Zari Hassan And Hamisa Mobetto Social Media War Just Started

Written By : melvine

Seems like we will be camping at the Chibu’s for quite sometime because baby mamas drama just kicked off.

So we all love some juicy gossip from celebs but sometime we look at the drama and we just cannot understand how they reason.

Diamond Platnumz betrayed Zari Hassan and had a baby with Hamisa Mobetto, we all thought after the interview of him acknowledging Mobetto’s son that will be the end of drama.

No it was just the beginning because last night Snap chat was so lit with the two grown women shading each other.

Well it started with Zari Hassan shading Hamisa , below is what she shared

That was enough to send Hamisa on a wild spiral because she hit back like she was the main chick








Zari was not impressed with the response she got from Hamisa so she went on Instagram and unfollowed her baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz.

With all these baby mama drama i cant stop but agree with Akothee’s post on Instagram

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