Zari Hassan Ex-Boyfriend Is Not Dead. The Rumours Are False

Written By : melvine

Some Uganda blogs earlier today announced that Ivan Don has passed on. This news was completely heartbreaking to may people.

Ivan who got critically ill weeks ago, had many people wishing him well because he used to help the less privileged in the society. He was admitted in an hospital in South Africa,
Well he news of his death is false and you should ignore such reports.

There is nothing more inhuman than wishing anyone death or announcing someone death when they are still alive.

Thank God Zari Hassan cleared the news  and put a break in such heartbreaking news.

The only thing we can all do right now is to pray for Ivan, it does not matter whether you hate Zari or not,  Lets all pray for Ivan.

Cosmogirls will not be sharing any of his pictures on his sick bed. Bare with us and understand we consider his family and  anyone else who has suffered the same in making that decision

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