Is Zari Hassan And Diamond Platnumz The East African Power Couple?

Written By : melvine

This past weekend was definitely a weekend of the Chibus.

With the couple having a a small #baecation in Mombasa then hosting at BClub Nairobi the social media has been all about them. They are currently serving some serious couple goals. from jet skiing to partying out the duo have really enjoyed Kenya.

The people on Instagram, which we can be safe to say mostly Tanzanians, were absolutely not impressed with the fact that Zari had to take a small holiday with her bae.  They kept insulting her and condemning some of the things she was doing, like kissing diamond while on Instagram live, to her dressing.

One thing they did not know or just forgot about was, there is no bad publicity.

Since they publicized Zari Hassan so much she managed to trend on Instagram the whole and now the same people who made her trend are starting a , stop posting zari.

Anyway Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan did serve some serious couple goals over the weekend and their life our entertainment.

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