Weight Loss Tips That Actually Works.

Written By : melvine

So many theories are on the social media about weightloss and getting that perftect toned body, not all of them are true.

Some of these information about weight are actually misleading and you can end up adding more weight and fat to your body.

Eating carbs does not make you fat, that is a fact but over eating carbs and not working out actually is what makes you fat.

Working out does not necessarily means going to the gym but it is all about giving your body as much movement as you can.

Cardio on the other hand help you with whole body fatloss but if you want to have toned body then you need to incooperate heavy lifting to your workouts.

No matter how much you work out if you do not practice clean eating then all that hard work will be useless.

Do you want to have abs?

Abs are made in the kitchen and toned at the gym so no matter how many crunches you do without clean eating your abs will continue to hide under your belly fat.



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