Video Of Princess Tiffah Dangote Going To School Is Hilarious!!

Written By : melvine

Happy Monday everyone!

Many people always associate Monday with sadness, tiredness and to some few hangover from the weekend.

Going to school or work early in the morning is the last thing you want to do but there is always little to no option around it.

This Monday enjoy the video below of Diamond Platnumz daughter, Tiffah Dangote on her way to daycare.

She gets so excited on seeing her driver that she drops her school bag leaving it behind.

One question for princess Tiffah, what was she going to use in school now that she left her bag behind?

Anyway she is so lovely and still  a baby so its never that serious just a fun video to brighten your morning.

Have a productive week ahead.

I love the vuuum but I noticed 'dirty' on my way out… mama insisted I go. #LoveForCleanSpace

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