Vera Sidika Shares Her Regrets On Having Her Boobs Enlarged

Written By : melvine

Vera Sidika has come out to confess that she really regrets having her boobs done.
We see many ladies who going for cosmetic surgery to make themselves look all sexy and in perfect proportion, well majority tend to regret the decision in the long run.

Vera Sidika who is famous for her body has actually confessed that she regrets having her boobs done to make them bigger. This is a complete plot twist putting in mind how she never shy away from showing her curvy body, and many ladies would look at her body and argue that she has the perfectly sculpted mammary glands.
Vera, the well-known Kenyan socialite, had her skin lightened and her boobs enlarged, she is not regretting the skin lightening, she just regrets getting her boobs done.

Well she went on snap chat telling her followers to love their bodies and not to mess up the beauty that God has given them, mm Vera are you not the one who had her skin bleached and boobs enlarged?

All in all you all ladies should listen to Vera Sidika and start practicing some serious self love.

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