Throw Back To When Hamisa Mobetto And Zari Hassan Could Share A Dance.

Written By : melvine

Once upon a time Zari Hassan and Hamisa Mobetto could be not only be seen in the same place but they could share a dance.

That was way back when Princess Tiffah was born.

Currently Hamisa and Zari has been throwing shade to each other on the internet.

This relationship went south when rumors started that Hamisa and Diamond Platnumz were a couple, something that any woman would take as a betrayal from both of them.

Word on the street is that Diamond’s mother and sister were the ones who wanted Hamisa Mobetto to be Diamonds lover.

Well Hamisa is currently pregnant and it maybe Diamonds baby or not only time will tell. Some argue that Diamond is not the father but Hamisa is just out for all the publicity she can get in claiming so.

Anyway ladies be careful who let near your man, not everyone is there for you.


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