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Did Willy Paul Just Undress On The Trend Live?

Willy Paul is one gospel artist who always find himself in the middle of a scandal or just full of drama.

The young gospel artist is well known as a member of #teammafisi and leave it to Chipukeezy to say it as it is.

Omg!!!!! This is savage @chipukeezy 😂😂😂😂😂

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While on trend live with Larry Madowo, Willy Paul decided to remove his socks on national TV claiming his feet were uncomfortable. We just hope  his shoes were not full of stench.

Some people might argue this was pure fun but others argue it was total disrespect and he should have waited for the commercial break.

What do you think about this act by Willy Paul?

Are They Just prayer Partners Or There Is Something More To it?

Seems like our gospel singer are coming up with the new trend in town, we all know the ladies decided to call sugar-daddies “sponsors” now gospel artists are coming up with prayer partners.
There have been photos of Bahati trending with his rumored girlfriend but Bahati tried shutting down the rumors by claiming she is his prayer partner.

Well L Jay Maasai is also treating us to his ‘prayer partner’, a lass who goes by the name Ashley. The two have been more than just friends over the years. Ashley even smirked a lipstick on the singer’s cheek (that’s what prayer partners do, right?)

Willy Paul is never one to be left behind when it comes to such issues. He has never openly mentioned anyone in particular as his prayer partner but he has recently  been sharing pictures of a yellow yellow whose name he do not mention, making us believe that is his prayer partner as they want to put it.

Is there more to the so called prayer partners or is it all prayers? Share your thoughts with us.

Kenyan Gospel Music Drama

Kenya gospel artist need some serious intervention. “Tiga Wana” a new song by Willy Paul and Size 8 brought so much controversial  as many people believed that song did not qualify as a gospel song.

Well the industry has not yet recovered from all the back lash that song received and Willy Paul is already in the middle of yet another controversial.  Sometime back word on the street was that Ringtone had impregnated a girl, asked her to abort and he went an extra mile of denying the whole saga.

Apparently Ringtone hired a private detective company to investigate this saga and find the source, guess whose name comes up? Willy Paul and Pistol. We just don’t know how reliable this investigative company is but many fans are #teampistol. Many thing this is just another way of seeking attention from the public.

Here is what Ringtone shared on Instagram


SO @willypaulmsafi and @therealpitson apparently am informed they conspired to create and publicise a pregnancy scandal for me to ruin my reputation and career. The truth is finally out the investigation company I hired has proven to me. SHAME ON @willypaulmsafi and SHAME ON @therealpitson you can’t pull me down. Imagine they did all those evil things to me because TENDA WEMA WAS HITTING. All the tears I cried and all the pain I went through. All the friends I lost and all the shame that I had to live in. I PROMISE YOU @willypaulmsafi and @therealpitson he who called will deal with you he sees each tear his beloved shade. I personally forgive all my enemies. To my fans please I personally want to thank you for the faith and prayers you gave during that time of trial. AM NOW FREE AND THE DEVIL IS A LIAR. 1) Rent issues 2)pregnancy issues etc. All are nothing but jealous.”

Do you think this is just another propaganda or do you believe this is true?

Bahati Wants Willy Paul To Teach Him How To Slide In The DM

Bahati is one of the most loved Kenyan gospel artists.  Not only is he among the young artist but he sure can sing, so much talent in him and his giving heart sure makes us crown him Kenyan gospel sweetheart.

He has managed to achieve so much just at a young age in concern with his music career and even started his own family by adopting his children.


One thing we over love about Bahati is his heart of giving back to the community by engaging in various projects that help improve our society.

He has won awards for his good work and his lifestyle is rather interesting as he is quite stylish and drives a German engine.

After being involved in some silly beef with Willy Paul just few months ago the two have been spotted hanging out together after they fixed their broken relationship and we can never be happy enough for the duo.


One thing Bahati is having problems with is, getting a chic. Well since Bahati and Will Paul are in friendly terms, he decided it was time to get help on hoe to slide in a chic DM. Who better to ask advice from apart from Willy Paul himself?

He said, “Today am happy to Celebrate My Big Bro Willy Paul who came into the Music Ministry more than 2 years before me. Amenifunza Vitu mob sana Amebakisha tuu Kunishow Kiswahili Ye Hutumia kwa Waremboo ??? But am Coming ??? Big Up for the Contribution You’ve made into the Gospel industry You’re Just Funny. I LOVE YOU BIG BRO. Respect ?.”

Well, he hope Willy Paul helps Bahati with his lady issues.