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Nigerians Attacks Vera Sidika For Her Continuous Rant About Ex Boyfriend.

Apparently i was not the only one who was getting tired about Vera Sidika continuous rant about how her ex Nigerian Yomi, have a small penis.

So you all remember when it was all love between Vera Sidika and Yomi, she would travel to Dubai to visit him and stay at Burj Khalifa with him for months? We thought they were serving us relationship goals little did we know that Yomi is a violent man and Vera has been on the receiving end.

Anyway we glad Vera walked out of that situation  but since then she has been airing Yomi’s dirty laundry to the world.

Just to be clear Yomi is the one who started this war by leaking Vera Sidika’s nudes.

After ranting for sometime how Yomi is a Yahoo boy with a small manhood, Vera decided to enjoy her holiday and never address the issue with her ex again.

This did not last long enough because someone hacked Vera’s Instagram page and gloves came right off with her accusing Yomi for the act.

Below is what she shared:

Since it was not the first  time of Vera going on a rant on Snapchat, the Nigerians did not take all that ranting easily and they fired right back at her.

Wondering If Slimming Tea Actually Helps With Weight loss? Huddah Monroe Just Answered That

One thing i just love about Huddah is how honest she can be most of the time…

With the drama about Rob and Chyna, Rob did reveal that Chyna had surgery to loose all the baby fat after giving bath to Dream Kardashian.

Leave it to Huddah Monroe to speak her mind  but she did say the truth though.

Below is her snap

She clearly stated a fact but we cant help it but wonder if she is throwing shade to Vera Sidika who is set to restock her Veetox slimming tea tomorrow.

Huddah is shady sometimes and knows how to prove Vera as much as she stated a fact, it clearly shades Vera’s hustle.

Anyway lets wait and see if Vera will also throw shade back at Huddah.

Vera Sidika’s Shares Snaps Of Her Booty

Yesterday night was a night full of booties and i mean big booties not our tiny little behinds.

From Blac Chyna nudes being leaked to our very own Vera Sidika showing us her own behind it was crazy.

Anyway no man leaked Vera’s booty.  She is currently in Miami Florida and was out partying in a Yatch when she decided to snap her bum and share on snap chat.

Below are the snap she shared:

Seems like her skin is one color just like she always tell us. Anyway we her its her life, her body and her snapchat but damn Vera what were you on yesterday?  I know there are men who were excited for all that booty galore lol . YOLO

Vera Sidika Vs Huddah Monroe, The Battle Of Supremacy

When it comes to Vera Sidika and Huddah Monroe, you either love one and hate the other or you love both of them for various reasons. I hardly  meet people who hate our two favorite Kenyan socialite turn business women.

Huddah, is that lady who always lives her life like she could care less about any other persons opinion when it comes to her choices. She is very fashionable without a doubt and she always speak facts ok, most of the time.

With her slim thick body, as she always say, Huddah has manged to turn her life around for the best.  She has ventured into the cosmetic business and she is doing amazing with it.

Vera Sidika is also very fashionable too. She is very curvy and thick on all the right places. Unlike Huddah she has ventured into slimming tea and we guess it is doing great too.

Well, the two ladies have never seen eye to eye.  Its like they are always trying to outshine one another. 

Vera is currently in LA and she shared pictures of her attending a party at Jamie Fox’s house. In Attendance was Trey Songz, Chris Brown, Tyga and many others.

Below are some of the pictures she shared,

Huddah Monroe took it to snapchat to share some of her facts too.

What do you think are these two competing or are we just trying to find a reason where there is none?

Erick Omondi On How To Be Vera Sidika Is Hillarious

Kenyan comedy is very well represented by Erick Omondi no doubt about that. Recently Ericko has been taking the laugh industry on another level and the his latest video on how to be Vera  Sidika is a blast.

The video has been trending on youtube with many people commenting on just funny it is. Watch it below

What do you think of Erick Omondi new comedy style is it a hit or a miss?

The Beef Between Khaligraph Jones ANd Vera Sidika Is Still On.

Well it all started when papa Jones shared a picture of him and Vera Sidika before they “toa tint”.

This picture was not well received by Vera who went on Instagram and Snapchat firing back at Jones.

She posted on her Instagram

“Everyone has been sending me screenshots of this boy posting a photoshopped pic claiming “tulitoa tint pamoja” first things first; My dear hujatoa tint bado! TINT yako bado imeacha ma traces nyuma coz ulitoa manually badala ya automaticallywhat kind of man bleaches!???? Bleaching and skin lighting is for women. Not men. Cause it’s like make up. Men don’t apply make up.Oh plus we ain’t the same bro! Skin lightening and bleaching are two totally different things…Stay on your lane Prissss!”
As we expected papa Jones did not that silently from Vera, he responded.

Apparently during the launch of Veetox, papa Jones was among the celebrities guest list expected to attend the occasion but he was a no show.

Seems like Khaligraph Jones took the diss from Vera Sidika personally and he just want nothing to do with her at the moment.

Vera Sidika Reveals Just How Much She Spend On Her Lunch Meal

Vera Sidika and Huddah Monroe recently got into it in Snapchat and yes it is like their normal routine now.


Huddah insinuated that Vera Sidika is hating on her but she is broke though.

We just don’t know if Vera was trying to prove Huddah wrong or it is just a new trend she is trying to start.
Many socialites, media models and just regular like now have a habit of sharing what food they eat but it is very rare to see them share the amount of money the spent on it.
Vera Sidika shared how much she spends on lunch and you just won’t believe it.

Below is the picture of Vera’s lunch money

Fact is we just don’t know how much of that money she actually spends on her food.

Vera Sidika’s Attempt To Start Another Online War with Huddah Monroe Backfires

We all know that Vera and Huddah Monroe just never see eye to eye.

Many always assume Huddah is the instigator of this war but yesterday she proved us all different when she decided not to engage on word fight with vera even though vera was throwing so much shade at Huddah.

The boss chick took the high road but not light she did throw a bit of too.

Below is what Huddah shared on snapchat

Vera Sidika went all out yesternight calling out Huddah nearly on everything. She was not holding back at all.

Here are some of Ver’s snapchat

Vera was just making the most, there was no stopping her at all.

Here are more of her snaps.

These two having a go at each other online is not anything new.  There war is always juicy though and as Huddah said it, “kila mtu auze kuma yake bila kutaja mwingine.”

Huddah is crazy LOL.


Huddah Monroe Reveals Just How Much She Want To Eat Her Own P$$y.

We all know Huddah Monroe is crazy on so many level and she always manage to be talk of the town.
It has been a while since she made new on something negative, she is always on the positive side these day proving to people that your background does not determine your future.

One thing though with Huddah she is a survivor and always out to make money. We can all see her hard work paying off with her turning into a brand.

With her fashion always on point, Huddah Monroe is without a doubt a trend setter. She recently traveled to Beverly Hills to get surgery done on her boobs and she spent over Kshs1 million.

She did share her receipts on snapchat after Vera Sidika started throwing shade claiming people would go get their work done in Miami and claim it is Beverly Hills.

Huddah just do not care what people think of her and she rarely filter her mouth. With all the success she has achieved we can see why she took it to social media to floss just how much she is proud of herself. Like who wouldn’t?

She wrote, “I wanna eat my own P**y coz I’m so F****n PROUD of myself right now👏🏾👊🏽🤘🏾🤞🏾……. Work in Progresssss!!!!!”.

Well this is Huddah for you people and yes we are proud of her too.

Huddah Monroe Is Definitely Young, Rich And Famous

When it comes to hustling Huddah Monroe is always on the move.

The young lady who is still on her 20s not only owns a penthouse apartment in James Gichuru road but she also owns a cosmetic line, Huddah Cosmetics, which is doing so good.

Huddah traveled to Beverly Hills to see a doctor and Vera Sidika could not help but throw shade claiming that people always lie that they are seeing a doctor in Beverly Hills instead they are in Miami getting their surgical procedure done because it is cheaper.

Well Huddah decided to shut them down by producing receipts that prove she not only had her surgery done in Beverly Hills but also the amount she spent on that medical procedure.

Huddah Monroe spent over $10,000 to get medical attention in Beverly Hills. Talk about being young, rich and very famous.

Huddah also attended the La Lakers games yesterday and shared a picture with her Instagram followers but the caption is hilarious.