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Diamond Platnumz And Zari Hassan Family Looks So Adorable

I love that family that always look perfect and happy.

We can all agree the Dangote family is just like any other family, full of ups and downs but that does not make them any less cuter.

When it comes to princess Tiffah or Prince Nillan Instagram page, zari always ensures the caption is funny enough.

Below are some of their family photos that can just melt your heart.

Diamond Platnumz And Zari Hassan Spends Family Time In South Africa

As we await for 30th of this month for Hamisa Mobetto And Diamond Platnumz to finally face each in other in court, seems like Diamond went to see his other family in South Africa.

Diamond and Zari rarely spend time as a family and mostly they see each other when they have some deals to sign.

Zari Hassan seems to be doing a great job with raising their kids as they both look healthy and really grown.

Below are some of their beautiful pictures.

Princess Tiffah Dangote Birthday Preparation Is Hilarious

Some mothers would love if their little girls are all girly but other mothers just dont mind. Many women when they give birth to baby girls they want the girls to be adored in pink and be like a princess.

Well when it comes to Princess Tiffah you get both the girly part and the boyish feature in her.

Real talk my aunty Esma can't walk in heels but look how easy kapisy this is🤗

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Her birthday which is on Monday has made Tiffah show us a new use of lip.gloss and yeah she applied lip gloss on her nails and actually treated it loke a nail polish.

Earlier preparing for my bday photo shoot.💅… and she said it's 💋but I continued who would have noticed. It's just a shoot

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From glitery gifts she has already started receiving to a photoshoot, her birthday will be held in South Africa and she will be turning 2 yrs old.

Happy birthday in advance Lattifah Dangote, may the Gods bless your path always.

Zari Hassan’s Mother, Halima Hassan, Is Dead

After fighting for her life for quite a long time in the ICU, Halima Hassan has passed on.

This news was shared by Zari on her Instagram page early this morning.

Our prayers are with the whole family as the go through this difficult time.

May the Lord grant her eternal peace. Rest in Peace mama.

The Battle Of The Dangotes

We see so many young people rushing into starting a family without knowing just how much responsibilities goes in with a parent.

Well this was not the case with Diamond Platnumz when he started his family with Zari Hassan. He has always portrayed a loving and caring image towards Zari and the two children, Tiffah and Nillan.

Recently he seem to have relaxed a bit on his role. When Ivan died Tiffah and Nillan were left in South Africa with the house help i assume. No one from Diamonds family went to take care of the kids during the funeral.

Currently Zari is in Uganda to see her sick mother and she did leave the kids in South Africa. Instead of Diamond going to look after his children, he has been busy in Tanzania partying like a crazy animal and grinding over women.

This is one of those disrespects that no woman should ever take, maybe that’s why Zari has decided to change the daughters name from Latiffah Dangote to Latiffah Hassan.


How official is the name change? Well we just dont know but she did comment on Instagram stating the name change.

Zari Hassan has been going through alot and Diamond has been a no show to give her support.  He has been busy throwing pool parties at his house in Madale.

Well maybe there is nothing that serious to eat it but where there is smoke there is definitely fire.

Princess Tiffah Is Everything Just Like Her Father, Diamond Platnumz

Life of Diamond Platnumz is always a funny one to follow, he was first accused of being impotent and many Tanzanians used very hurtful words toward him on social media.

When Zari turned pregnant with their first baby, he accused Zari of still sleeping with her ex Ivan and even claimed Diamond was stupid to believe that was his baby because that baby was Ivan’s.

With the rumor being too much and many people believing that Tiffah was Ivan’s daughter, the Dangote family did a DNA test with showed that Diamond Platnumz was indeed the father. Many believed but some still denied it.

Well this picture just shows how much princess Tiffah Dangote is nothing like her mother but everything like her daddy Diamond Platnumz

Tiffah is a copy of Diamond how great has God been to this family?

Zari Hassan Attacked On Instagram After Diamond Shared Her Video Recording

Zari Hassan being attacked on Instagram is absolutely nothing, every week to say the least she must be attacked leaving us to wonder is it because she is dating Diamond Platnumz or the internet just don’t like her.

Well yesterday diamond shared a video recording of Zari Hassan and their daughter Princess Tiffah Dangote. The video was supposed to be all sweet  but the backlash it received was just on another level.

Child safety is very important and when in a car it is highly urged that the child should always sit at the back and on a baby sit which is the opposite to what Zari did on this video.

Watch the video below

Few minutes later Diamond’s mother, Sanura shared yet another video of Zari Hassan and Tiffah.  From the video you can clearly see Princess Tiffah trying to stand up while Zari is driving but luckily she was wearing a seat belt.

We all know Tiffah always seat at the back seat on her on seat so we would love to assume there was a good reason she was seated in front.

Do you think that it was reckless of Zari to be recording a video while driving and with Tiffah of the front seat? 

Baada yakupigiwa cm na pacha bila kupokea atimae kanivimbia

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Princess Tiffah Dangote Inviting Her Grandmother To South Africa Is So Beautiful

Diamond and Zari Hassan are so blessed with two beautiful family and just when everyone thought their relationship is hitting rock bottom, the couple are now stronger than ever.

Princess Tiffah is like the comedian of the family, most of her videos on Instagram are always precious and worth capturing for future memories.

Apart from her looking like her grandmother Sanura, Tiffah loves her so much that she send her the video below.

Watu na pachaa zao😚 luv u more tiffah dangotee💘

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I just cant help but fall in love with this beautiful baby girl.

Video Of Princess Tiffah Dangote Going To School Is Hilarious!!

Happy Monday everyone!

Many people always associate Monday with sadness, tiredness and to some few hangover from the weekend.

Going to school or work early in the morning is the last thing you want to do but there is always little to no option around it.

This Monday enjoy the video below of Diamond Platnumz daughter, Tiffah Dangote on her way to daycare.

She gets so excited on seeing her driver that she drops her school bag leaving it behind.

One question for princess Tiffah, what was she going to use in school now that she left her bag behind?

Anyway she is so lovely and still  a baby so its never that serious just a fun video to brighten your morning.

Have a productive week ahead.

I love the vuuum but I noticed 'dirty' on my way out… mama insisted I go. #LoveForCleanSpace

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