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Who Is Nillian Dangote’s Biological Father?

Rumours have been everywhere ever since Zari Hassan revealed prince Nillan’s face to the public.

Many have claimed that the innocent little boy is nothing like Diamond Platnumz but everything like Ivan Ssemwanga, may his soul RIP.

Well in the midist of all the Dangote drama word on the street is that Diamond did travel to South Africa for Zari Hassan’s birthday and did a secret DNA test on Nillan to reveal the parternity of the young boy.

While people are claiming that indeed Diamond is not the father, Zari has come out defending the allegations and making it clear that Diamond is indeed the father of Nillan.

Diamond Platnumz mother seems to also be in her grandson defense because she shared a picture of Nillan with caption, Tanzania Boy.

Honestly Zari you need to distance yourself from all these Tanzanians including Diamond and his family. I am sure raising those kids cant defeat you its time to leave this Tandale boy alone.


Zari is actually a brand and at this rate if she do not take control and distance her name from all these drama then she will loose the value of the brand she worked so hard to build.

Zari be the strong woman we know and leave this little boy, Diamond, he still need some growing up to do.

Happy Holiday People From Tiffah Dangote And Nillan Dangote

Princess Tiffah is simply cute and lovely. She is always in the best mood and up for a funny moment.

Before the holiday ends, Tiffah Dangote and his brother Prince Nillan are wishing you all a happy holiday.

The video people is hilarious, watch it to enjoy Tiffah being all cute and lovely.


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Pictures Proving Just How Much Zari Hassan And Diamond Platnumz Are In Love

Diamond and Zari Hassan’s relationship has passed through so much temptation and it is still one of the cutest relationship in East Africa.
With all the backlash the couple have been facing not even once did they allow all the rumors and negativity based on their age difference come between them.

The two became a couple at the end of 2014 after Diamond and his ex-girlfriend, Wema Sepetu.
Zari Hassan and Diamond have two children, Tiffah Dangote and the newest addition to the family Nillan Dangote. These two children are Diamonds pride as he has always wanted to have his own children and unfortunately Wema Sepetu could not bear him any.

A few days back the family traveled to Tanzania to celebrate the boy’s 40 days, at a lavish, colorful ceremony where their parents, family and close friends attended. It was also during this ceremony that they unveiled their son’s face to the world, for the first time.

Enjoy The Picture Of Diamond And Zari Below