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Kenyans Attacks Joe Muchiri For Name Calling Huddah Monroe

Huddah has always proven to many people that she is the number one hustler and she is not only here to stay but to make it big.

When RIck Ross shared her picture on Instagram, Huddah was not the only happy person as many Kenyans went on the page praising Huddah for the recognition.


Well leave it to Joe Muchiri to take his negative self to Rick Ross page calling both Rick Ross and Huddah “hoes’


Below is what he shared,

H*es recognize h*es 😂😂😂 🚶🏽🚶🏽🚶🏽.” He commented

Well he should have just kept that comment to himself because what he received next was way overboard,

divineq_: peleka umama yako 1824!!when broke illiterate ni**as come for bosses all because they can’t smash!!! Lane ya h*es yako wako 1824!!!si Huyu!!! @joewmuchiri

vee_malkia: @joewmuchiri …bish ass nikka….always drinking free alcohol ..from one club to another looking for complementaries..better h*es than being a begger..sick n tired of mean peeps allowed to get away with sh*t..cuz thy think thy are small gods n peeps fear em…go f**k urself….shame on you

duchesshonero: @joewmuchiri that’s a sad thing to say about ur fellow compatriots….on an international social media. U can do better! Men with with small d**k syndrome always do the most!

_cieloh_: @joewmuchiri that was so extra and uncalled for though! Let a girl shine🤦🏽‍♀️

justanothernigha: @joewmuchiri caught feelings, she muss be the one the got away hehehe

Wondering If Slimming Tea Actually Helps With Weight loss? Huddah Monroe Just Answered That

One thing i just love about Huddah is how honest she can be most of the time…

With the drama about Rob and Chyna, Rob did reveal that Chyna had surgery to loose all the baby fat after giving bath to Dream Kardashian.

Leave it to Huddah Monroe to speak her mind  but she did say the truth though.

Below is her snap

She clearly stated a fact but we cant help it but wonder if she is throwing shade to Vera Sidika who is set to restock her Veetox slimming tea tomorrow.

Huddah is shady sometimes and knows how to prove Vera as much as she stated a fact, it clearly shades Vera’s hustle.

Anyway lets wait and see if Vera will also throw shade back at Huddah.

Vera Sidika Vs Huddah Monroe, The Battle Of Supremacy

When it comes to Vera Sidika and Huddah Monroe, you either love one and hate the other or you love both of them for various reasons. I hardly  meet people who hate our two favorite Kenyan socialite turn business women.

Huddah, is that lady who always lives her life like she could care less about any other persons opinion when it comes to her choices. She is very fashionable without a doubt and she always speak facts ok, most of the time.

With her slim thick body, as she always say, Huddah has manged to turn her life around for the best.  She has ventured into the cosmetic business and she is doing amazing with it.

Vera Sidika is also very fashionable too. She is very curvy and thick on all the right places. Unlike Huddah she has ventured into slimming tea and we guess it is doing great too.

Well, the two ladies have never seen eye to eye.  Its like they are always trying to outshine one another. 

Vera is currently in LA and she shared pictures of her attending a party at Jamie Fox’s house. In Attendance was Trey Songz, Chris Brown, Tyga and many others.

Below are some of the pictures she shared,

Huddah Monroe took it to snapchat to share some of her facts too.

What do you think are these two competing or are we just trying to find a reason where there is none?

Huddah Monroe Finally Speaks Out On Sleeping with Diamond Platnumz.

Huddah Monroe’s friendship with Zari Hassan was one that was envied by many people. The two ladies had a fallout and Huddah took things way to far by calling Diamond Platnumz a “pizzaBoy“.

She further claimed on social media that she slept with Diamond while Zari and her baby daddy were still together. This marked the end of the relationship between Zari Hassan and Huddah Monroe.

Finally Huddah has addressed the issue and she said she is  about that life.

Below is what Huddah shared

There you have it now. Huddah Monroe never slept with Diamond Platnumz.

I just cant help but wonder who started with the lies about this?


Noti Flow Shading Huddah Monroe Backfires On Her.

So it is not news that Noti Flow can be very petty and she never misses a chance of shading or beefing with anyone on the showbiz.

Well she recently tried it out for Huddah Monroe, claiming Huddah copied her style.

This is what she shared on Instagram,

These Bi**hes be copying my swag I wonder if I can copy some of theirs 😂 Ain’t nobody slays like #queennoti doe 👑👅.”

Her fans were not impressed with this childish move from Noti flow, below are some of the comments from her social page

shilah_ms: Honestly Noti I like you plus ur music but don’t get s**t twisted comparing huddah n yourself is like a 7star hotel n a 3star one.😞.stick to ur lane hun you’ll grow up to be like, or even better than her.

prettymaureen100: Looool. Calm down mama. This is a very common look. You didn’t invent it.

wambui_marizu: You copied lol…huddah has always pulled this look even before you became famous 😂😂😂😂😂anyway huddah is your goal babe slow down @huddahthebosschick shes the real G

emmyshiru: Lmao why does it even bother you,,,invent something of ur own then claim to be copied ,,,,huddah will forever slay n will always be uptop,,,u got a looooong way to go

vennabosset: Viatu ratchet sana.. All over town😢 wig ….nay… Dont ever try to compare uaself with huddah aki.. Endelea na mtumba zako za beba na soo pole pole

stolen_princes: Honestly noty @notiflow you are ratchet, you don’t know class😂😂😂 stick to your thing but cause it’s seems like deep down you wish to be huddah, yall know she the one who is king in this game

One thing we are certain about is that Huddah will fire right back at her because we all know Huddah Monroe never misses a chance to be blunt and brutal on her snapchat session after smoking some weed.

Huddah Monroe’s Ex-boyfriend Spills The Tea On What He Regrets The Most About Knowing Her

Not everyone but majority of us would love to be part of Huddah Monroe’s life. From her snapchats and Instagram she seemed to be living a lavish life and a fabulous one too.

One thing though we all know about Huddah she is not good at being in a long term relationship, this is something she herself claims and even announce to all her followers on social media.

Last year when Huddah announced she was in a relationship and even took it a step further to share her pictures with the really hot guy on social media we thought that was the final deal, Huddah finally found her match. This fairy tale did not work for long, few months later she announced she broke up with the guy because she is just not a relationship type.

Well, one of her ex boyfriend who  came back from the USA shared just how much emotions he had on seeing what Huddah has become..

This is what he shared

“We grew up in different estates and as childhood friends,Huddah used to be this gal who would mingle with everyone,so respectful but Kama kawaida mtaani stories emerge about someone just to tarnish his/her name My dad resigned from the Kenya Defense Forces and flew to the USA so we had to be left behind before he could settle and carry us along. My mum also a soldier at Karen Barracks where we have International Peace Support Training School obviously would not be around…This provided a nice ground for Huddah and I to spend time and nights together, of course her mum wouldn’t refute this affair…mother’s wenye mna madem mnajua how it feels for your daughter to be katiwad na jamaa mwenye ako na Roots za majuu. One fine morning,I got a call from a +1 number and it was dad.He wanted me to go to Nyayo house and start the process of *PASSPORT* Application. By how he had stayed in the USA for 4 months.So we got up and prepared ourselves to head to town

While in the queue, I met my high school guy Vanessa who had since joined the Kenya Navy..he also wanted to get a Visa where he also left the armed forces and headed to a country in Europe. Huddah didn’t like the idea of waiting for me so I allowed her to go to Tahiti and wait for me as I did my stuff. Joining the Army wasn’t my thing because my dad,mum,older brother were soldiers,and my youngest bro was attending the Catholic Seminary and he is now a priest in the KDF. We caught up with Huddah baadae and she was a bit drunk,so I hired a cab to take us home. Fast forward,my process took a while so I flew to the States on 7th July 2011.I couldn’t believe that I had left Huddah alone,and moreso on the palms of the upcoming mafisi guys in our mtaa. She escorted me to the airport and we departed. *THE SHOCK*

I started getting calls and messages about how Huddah had changed her lifestyle after about 3 years of my stay,ako na gari,ooh sponsors,ooh amehama,oh investments,ooh Selemani utaweza kumuoa na vile anadeal na high profile guys? Wah this felt like a deep arrow into my heart..of course nikiwa USA nlikua nasmash pia but sio vile..I knew something was amiss,I couldn’t concentrate in school….I was feeling that I need to be in Kenya so soon..but dad didn’t give me a nod. I used to follow Kenya’s buzz news na nlikua mshaanza kuona Huddah na kina Verah Sidika wakianza usocialite….I couldn’t believe my eyes,dame tulikua na so much vision together,why didn’t she tell me this nikienda hatastick namimi?

Anyway I can’t control her life…came to Kenya in 2015 and I made sure that I met her… meeting her was the worst decision watu wangu. Those guys who say that you can’t cry for a lady….mko so wrong. Vuteni stools na sofaset so that I can pour my heart out…Huddah my best pal…sawa tu.”

PS: we just cant verify how true this is as you know people can just say anything for whatever reason

How To Rock The T-shirt Dress Just Like Huddah Monroe

Huddah Monroe’s fashion has always been on point. Her dressing choice is always comfortable, chic but sometimes with a touch of a boys look.
We have seen many celebrities abroad rocking the T-shirt dress but we need to acknowledge that Huddah rocks this look so amazingly here in Kenya and Tracy Wanjiru too.
The T-shirt dress is very sexy but you need a lot of guts to pull off this look easily. The trick with always looking hot is this dress can easily be explained by the following pictures of Huddah.

Always keep it simple with this look.

Too much accessory might spoil this look and leave you looking like a clown walking down the streets.

If you are so much into jewelry then Huddah does it perfect for you and you just need to copy her style like in the picture below.  settle for a simple bag, it will make  you look sexy.

Belt it up if you want just like Kylie Jenner

Pair it with either classy boots or just with sneakers.

Remember a girls best friend is confidence so always be confident

Vera Sidika Reveals Just How Much She Spend On Her Lunch Meal

Vera Sidika and Huddah Monroe recently got into it in Snapchat and yes it is like their normal routine now.


Huddah insinuated that Vera Sidika is hating on her but she is broke though.

We just don’t know if Vera was trying to prove Huddah wrong or it is just a new trend she is trying to start.
Many socialites, media models and just regular like now have a habit of sharing what food they eat but it is very rare to see them share the amount of money the spent on it.
Vera Sidika shared how much she spends on lunch and you just won’t believe it.

Below is the picture of Vera’s lunch money

Fact is we just don’t know how much of that money she actually spends on her food.

Vera Sidika’s Attempt To Start Another Online War with Huddah Monroe Backfires

We all know that Vera and Huddah Monroe just never see eye to eye.

Many always assume Huddah is the instigator of this war but yesterday she proved us all different when she decided not to engage on word fight with vera even though vera was throwing so much shade at Huddah.

The boss chick took the high road but not light she did throw a bit of too.

Below is what Huddah shared on snapchat

Vera Sidika went all out yesternight calling out Huddah nearly on everything. She was not holding back at all.

Here are some of Ver’s snapchat

Vera was just making the most, there was no stopping her at all.

Here are more of her snaps.

These two having a go at each other online is not anything new.  There war is always juicy though and as Huddah said it, “kila mtu auze kuma yake bila kutaja mwingine.”

Huddah is crazy LOL.


Huddah Monroe Thanks Doctors For Saving Her Life After After suffering Complications With Her Boobs.

Cosmetic surgery will enhance your beauty and give you the body that you want but it is never the best method as you risk deadly complications.
Huddah Monroe suffered complications on her boobs from her previous surgery and she had to travel to Beverly Hills to get her boobs done again.

Huddah got her boobs enlarged before after feeling a bit insecure with how she looked.
Years after her surgery she suffered a life threatening complication. She revealed that had removed some fat from her butt and used it to enlarge her boobs.
She went on and advised young girls not to make rush decisions or change their bodies out of pressure like she had done. She further encouraged young girls to love their bodies with or without a big butt and boobs.

However Huddah got her boobs fixed and she took it to social media to thank the doctors who has saved her life and praise them for good work done.

She took a photo and posted it on social media saying,

“I am pleased with my Doctors who have done an incredible job on me. I can’t be more thankful! I could have died but I’m well now,” Huddah stated.

“I am grateful to Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery group for making me feel amazing and confident once again! I would definitely recommend them to anyone!”

Ladies be fulfilled with your natural bodies.