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Huddah Monroe Set To Launch Another Beauty Product In Her Cosmetic Line

Huddah has been proving to everyone the she is far from being a socialite but she is everything a business lady can be. She has hugely turned her life from all the social activities and lifestyle that gave her all the fame she is currently enjoying and she is currently focusing on being a huge business lady.

Last year she signed deals with major companies to be their brand ambassador a move that let to online fight with Vera Sidika when Vera also started landing deals. Huddah claimed Vera is always copying her moves.

Do you Think Huddah Is Always The Leader and Vera sidika Copies Her Moves?

Last year Huddah launched her lip line, the products were loved by majority of the ladies and she got all the positive feedback about this lip kits. We are proud of her of course.

Just like Kylie Jenner, Huddah Monroe has decided to expand her Huddah Cosmetics by launching an eye shadow palette. Seems like she is getting ideas from Kylie Jenner just like she always claim Vera gets ideas from her.

Anyway we are very proud of Huddah Moroe and ladies support your fellow woman and buy her cosmetic products.

Vera Sidika To Launch Her Veetox Tea Soon. Is She Copying Huddah?

The clash between Vera Sidika and Huddah Monroe has always been epic. The two ladies have never seen eye to eye and Huddah have always been vocal on how she feels and she does think that Vera is always copying her.


The two ladies started out as socialites and we have all witnessed Huddah transforming herself from being a socialite to a business lady, a brand.

Huddah recently launched her cosmetics line and it was a huge success with all her matte lip balm selling out in just two weeks. Any lady who tried the Huddah lip balm gave a positive feedback.


Vera Sidika once owned a beauty shop selling weaves and wigs, both human hair and synthetic, unfortunately the business was not a success only after few months.

Seems like Vera, is not letting Huddah be the one only with a line. Vera recently came back to Kenya, and in the process revealed that she’s soon launching an herbal detox tea for ladies, which according to her, will help reduce bloating, cleanse the digestive system, and improve metabolism and burn tummy fat.


Vera is well known for her body, very curvy yet very flat tummy and small waist and of course many ladies have been asking how she manages to keep her body all that good.

well her secret is out. It is all about her Veetox tea. We just cant wait for her launch and we hope the price will not be expensive. Good luck to her with this new project, hope it works out for her.