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Diamond Platnumz Blasts Hamisa Mobetto Online.

The love triangle between diamond, Zari and Hamisa is just getting tiresome , anyway lets get to the juicy stuff before we start yawning.

Hamisa Mobetto just had a baby and she has been going extra mile letting it known to the world that the father of her new baby boy is Diamond Platnumz. She started off by calling herself ‘mama Dee” ok Hamisa we get it Diamond was denying your baby.

Diamond and Hamisa have definitely been dating for a while now, there is no denying that but the whole time they have kept their affair a secret meaning Hamisa was cool being the side chic.

Now Hamisa is acting like she want public recognition from Diamond, that not now ‘secret side chics” act, they stick to their lane and let the main chic stick to hers.

I personally think Diamond is publicly denying the baby but when the curtains close he is being a full hands on dad to Hamisa’s kid, so what is her problem?

Anyway if Diamond if the father then he need to stop this immature behavior of denying responsibility and just call a spade a spade.

Yesterday Hamisa did the naming ceremony of her baby and revealed the baby name on Instagram. She obviously named the baby after Diamond’s father, Abdul Naseeb.


Diamond was clearly not impressed by Hamisa sharing the name on social media because he went to Twitter call Hamisa a “Bitch”,

Truth is both Diamond platnumz disrespected her relationship with Zari Hassan by not only sleeping with Hamisa but making her pregnant too.

Hamisa knew the whole time that Diamond was in a relationship with Zari Hassan and they had two children but she was cool the whole time being “mpango wa kando” so she need to calm herself down and enjoy the ride from her lane.

As for Zari Hassan, she is truly beautiful and very smart but she need to decide on whether she wants to keep up with Diamond disrespects or not because Hamisa is just the first one there are many more to come.

That said lets wait as the episodes keeps unfolding.

Hamisa Mobetto Gives birth To A Bouncing Baby Boy

After months of speculating about Hamisa Mobetto’s pregnancy she finally gave birth to a bouncing baby boy yesterday.

Hamisa’s pregnancy has been the talk of town for quite a while now with people trying to guess who the father of the baby is.

Well she finally gave birth Β yesterday and from the Instagram posts she liked seems like she is admitting to Diamond Platnumz being the father of her new baby boy.

Congratulations Hamisa Mobetto on your new born.


Hamisa Mobetto Is Making Pregnancy Look So Hot in These Pictures.

When you hear Hamisa Mobetto many things will come to your mind both positive and negative.

Hamisa is currently pregnant and her pregnancy has raised so much rumors, maybe they are true we just do not know. She has been topic on social media with many people trying to guess who the father of her baby is.

Some claim it is Diamond Platnumz since word on the street is, the two have been an item for quite some time while others claim it is Majizo.

Majizo is her ex boyfriend and also the father to her first baby Fantasy.

All in all she Hamisa has rocked her pregnancy with so much style and grace

We wish Hamisa mobetto all the best during her pregnancy and safe delivery.

Damond Platnumz And Zari Hassan Vacation In Mombasa.

Zari Hassan has been through alot the past months there is no doubt about that. Loss of family member is no joke but she has always kept her head held high through it all.

Well Diamond Platnumz is finally stepping up and actually being there for his baby mama, Zari Hassan.

As much as it is just a weekend getaway at English Point Marina, this might actually be what Zari Hassan needs right now.

Diamond Platnumz will however make an appearance at Bclub Nairobi this Sunday so if you have time go meet the Chibus.

I just cant help but wonder how Hamisa is currently feeling if truly she is Diamonds side piece. Anyway enjoy your weekend in our beautiful country.

Throw Back To When Hamisa Mobetto And Zari Hassan Could Share A Dance.

Once upon a time Zari Hassan and Hamisa Mobetto could be not only be seen in the same place but they could share a dance.

That was way back when Princess Tiffah was born.

Currently Hamisa and Zari has been throwing shade to each other on the internet.

This relationship went south when rumors started that Hamisa and Diamond Platnumz were a couple, something that any woman would take as a betrayal from both of them.

Word on the street is that Diamond’s mother and sister were the ones who wanted Hamisa Mobetto to be Diamonds lover.

Well Hamisa is currently pregnant and it maybe Diamonds baby or not only time will tell. Some argue that Diamond is not the father but Hamisa is just out for all the publicity she can get in claiming so.

Anyway ladies be careful who let near your man, not everyone is there for you.


Is Diamond Platnumz A Deadbeat Father?

Do you remember the lady that was in Diamond Platnumz song Β NITAREJEA?

Well this was song was among the first ones Diamond did before getting all the extra fame and starting his WCB studio. The lady by name HAWA has been off the media attention for sometime now.

Hawa has finally revealed that she has a baby with Diamond Platnumz. A baby girl to be exact. She goes further to let people know that she stayed with Diamond for quite sometime before he left.

Hawa’s mother says that when the baby was born, they received a visit and gifts from Diamond Platnumz mother, Sanura.

Is Diamond really a deadbeat father or is it just Hawa looking for a comeback story?

Hawa claims that she has been looking for Diamond and even trying to reach him without any success. The gifts they got from Bi. Sandra was the last thing they ever received from the Dangote’s family.

Diamond has not been part of the child’s life and we cant help but wonder true is the story.

If Diamond is really the father he should man up and take care of the daughter instead of just being a party freak.

How will Zari Hassan react to such news? oh and Hamisa Mobetto is still very pregnant and she has been hinting its for Diamond.

Lets just keep our popcorns ready and wait for the drama to unfold.

The Battle Of The Dangotes

We see so many young people rushing into starting a family without knowing just how much responsibilities goes in with a parent.

Well this was not the case with Diamond Platnumz when he started his family with Zari Hassan. He has always portrayed a loving and caring image towards Zari and the two children, Tiffah and Nillan.

Recently he seem to have relaxed a bit on his role. When Ivan died Tiffah and Nillan were left in South Africa with the house help i assume. No one from Diamonds family went to take care of the kids during the funeral.

Currently Zari is in Uganda to see her sick mother and she did leave the kids in South Africa. Instead of Diamond going to look after his children, he has been busy in Tanzania partying like a crazy animal and grinding over women.

This is one of those disrespects that no woman should ever take, maybe that’s why Zari has decided to change the daughters name from Latiffah Dangote to Latiffah Hassan.


How official is the name change? Well we just dont know but she did comment on Instagram stating the name change.

Zari Hassan has been going through alot and Diamond has been a no show to give her support. Β He has been busy throwing pool parties at his house in Madale.

Well maybe there is nothing that serious to eat it but where there is smoke there is definitely fire.

Diamond Platnumz Serenades Zari Hassan In A Nice Private Show.

The Chibus have been having quite a year, seems like 2017 Β is without any doubt one of the most difficult year they are facing so far.

When Ivan died, Zari Hassan father to her three elder boys, many people criticized her for various reason Β and honestly most of the reason were just not making sense at all.

Well as if that is not enough, Hamisa Mobetto, Diamond’s rumored side chick, is pregnant and who is the daddy?

Hamisa has been hinting suggestively that Diamond is the dad but both Diamond and his mum has denied her to the media.

With all the drama surrounding the family it is very romantic for Diamond to serenade Zari.

Zari shared the video below to her followers showing how Diamond throws her private shows.

Thought I'd share my private show with ma fans… that's how much I love you. Enjoy!🍾

A post shared by Zari (@zarithebosslady) on

Helllllll yeeeeaaaasss part 2….. @diamondplatnumz

A post shared by Zari (@zarithebosslady) on

The couple do look good together though and we just hope that they will overcome all the temptation they are facing.

If Diamond is responsible for Hamisa Mobetto’s pregnancy then lets wait for drama as it unfolds.

Diamond Platnumz Love Triangle.

Is Diamond Platnumz really the baby daddy of Hamisa Mobetto unborn child? Well as far as things goes Hamisa is busing trying to hint that Diamond is the daddy but both Diamond and his family keeps on denying her on media.

So Diamond who have a very public love affair with the mother of his two children, Zari Hassan, has always been rumored to be involved with Hamisa. Word n the street was that Diamonds mother does not Zari for her son and instead approves of his union with Hamisa Mobetto.

Seems like the union resulted into a baby or maybe Hamisa is just out looking for some publicity with her suggestive post.

Hamisa recently shared the post below

Well Hamisa seems very bold with her recent post making us think she might actually be hinting at the truth that Diamond is indeed the father and seems like they are still together.

If all that is true then we wonder what Zari might be filling.

Zari is always posting Diamond pictures with “the Hubby” caption on them which clearly shows the two love birds are still together.Β 

Its either Hamisa Mobetto is lying with her suggestive posts or Diamond has managed to convince Zari Hassan otherwise or maybe they are is a “sisters wives” kind of arrangement. Only time will tell but for now lets enjoy this drama as it unfolds.

One thing though diamond has taste when it comes to women, both Hamisa and Zari Hassan are beautiful.

Zari Hassan The Unborthered

Zari Hassan has a thick skin, that if without a doubt. After all the social media bullying she gets from people who do not like her or her lifestyle or just jealous people she has always maintained Β her cool.

When Diamond Platnumz released the song FIRE Β featuring Tiwa Savage, Wema Sepetu’s fun went in hard on Zari Hassan comparing the two ladies shapes.

Wema is thick curvy unlike Zari who is slim but still curvy on her back not like Wema though.

After days of Zari not responding to the haters or even promoting the song; she released the video below:

From dealing with rumors about Hamisa Mobetto pregnancy that is alleged to be Diamond’s; insults on social media by people who just want to have an opinion on other peoples live, many ladies would have given up on the love.

The video above was edited by a fan and he replaced the original which was “whats my name” by Rihanna, with “Fire” by Diamond ft Tiwa Savage