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Diamond Platnumz Calls Out Zari Hassan For Cheating On Him

When it comes to Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz relationship we all know the one person that has been rumored a lot to be cheating on the other is Diamond.

With rumors of him sleeping with Huddah Monroe while Huddah and Zari were really good friends to Hamisa Mobetto current pregnancy, Diamond’s name has been very common on the cheating scene.

He took it to social media to try and turn the coat to Zari’s side by sharing a picture of Zari in a jacuzzi with another man.

Below is the picture he shared

Zari being the strong woman that we all know she is did not take that nicely. She went ahead and shared the following pictures making Diamond looking like a fool.

From the pictures above it is impossible to claim Zari was cheating when she was there with her son Raphy and most importantly the mans wife was there too and she is the one who took the picture.

Zari has so far deleted the two pictures from her Instagram page.

Hamisa Mobetto must be laughing her lungs out wherever she is.

Is this the end of this relationship or is it just a publicity stunt?

Recent pictures of Hamisa Mobeto Revealing Her Pregnancy

Word on the street was that Hamisa mobeto was expecting. From the recent pictures circulating the net we can all agree that Hamisa is indeed pregnant.

The main question is, who is the daddy?

Hamisa has been rumored to be Diamond Platnumz side dish for sometime now and she was even the leading model on the famous song SALOME featuring Rayvanny.

She is really beautiful and pregnancy seems to be keeping up well with her as she still look flawless.

If the pregnancy belongs to Diamond, Zari will feel betrayed and we just wonder if she will continue with the relationship with Diamond.

Congragulations Hamisa Mobeto we wish you all the best in this new chapter of your life.

Is This The End Of Zari Hassan And Diamond Platnumz Love?

Zari recently lost the father of her other 3 boys, Ivan Semwanga, in South Africa but he was buried in Uganda.

We all noticed Diamond Platnumz of his family were not by Zari Hassan’s side the whole time. Maybe it was due to the family dispute that was happening in Uganda. Well we  thought after the burial since Zari was just in Uganda and Diamond in Tanzania the two love birds will find time for one another.

This is far from the case as Zari is already back in South Africa with her children and they did not see each other at all. The fact that there are so many rumors about Hamisa Mobeto being pregnant with Diamonds child does not help the situation at all.

Word on the street is that Hamisa Mobeto is around 5 months pregnant with Diamond’c child and Diamonds mother knows all about it.

We all know Zari is a very proud woman as any woman should be and if the rumors are true will she stay with Diamond or leave his ass?


Leaked Audio Recordings Of Zari Hassan Talking About Diamond Mother

Months ago Zari Hassan and Diamonds family seemed not to be getting along at all. They all seemed to have embraced Hamisa Mobeto and deserted Zari Hassan.

Well from the audio recording below we can clearly agree that someone was trying to break up diamonds family by gossiping too much.

Zari seems to be tired of all the gossip “Munira’  is spreading around. We wonder who she is.

Do zari knows kiswahili😷😷😷 part 1 @zhurah_swaleh1 njoo

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Seems like Diamond family discovered what the problem was and has worked things out. Since the birth of Prince Nillan, Diamonds mother has clearly embraced Zari Hassan and even shared pictures of her on her Instagram, something she never did before.

Zari Hassan And Hamisa Mobeto Back At Instagram War Again Over Diamond Platnumz

Just when we thought that finally Diamond Platnumz has gotten his act together and focusing on his career and his family, Hamisa Mobeto has made it back to the headlines again.

Hamisa Mobeto is rumored to be Diamond side chick for quite sometime now and when zari found an earring that resembles that of Hamisa in Diamonds house in Madale the rumors were turning to be true.

Zari Hassan went ahead and shared this on her Instagram,

“Watu na Bae zetu… nyaku nyakus can’t even post their own. Told you, if he can’t claim you in public, don’t give him the good good in private. U know what that means right & I bet u know where that leaves you ?????. Tag your bae and wish him or her a good night.”

Now the two ladies are back at each others throat again and it all started when a picture of Hamisa wearing the same pants as Diamonds made a comeback on Instagram.

Zari made a very shady comment, read it below

Yester-night,  Zari was back at being shady again on her Instagram as much as we believe she is not the one who wrote the caption because it was in pure Tanzanian Swahili the shade was real.

Zari gave birth to Diamond second born late last year and she is also the mother of princess Tiffah. 

Diamond Platnumz Opens Up About Cheating On Zari Hassan

East African superstar, Diamond platnumz, has found himself in the middle of a lot of cheating scandal rumors.  This year was a great year for him as he did not only buy a house in South Africa but also managed to release a hit song, Salome.

One rumor that really had many talking was that, Diamond impregnated Hamisa Mobeto. You all know Hamisa; she is the video vixen on the song Salome.


The rumor got even hotter when Zari shared a picture of cheap earrings that was left in Diamonds house in Tanzania.


Everyone was convinced they were Hamisa’s. Diamond never addressed that issue. Good news is, he just did. The singer opened up in an interview he had with Bongo5.com recently and this is what he had to say..

“What stands out in my lover (Zari) is her ability to understand

I am so proud of her. Since we started our romantic relationship, she knew that I am popular. She is equally popular. I would hear a lot of things said about her, she would hear so much about me” he said.

Diamond also did admit that women shamelessly pursue him due to his celebrity status but he just has no time for such women.

 “But, at the end of the day, it is upon me to stand firm on my principles as a man and see the best way possible to respect my partner, love her, and protect her dignity.

How she stomachs negative news about me should be treating the stories as mere hearsay, and she should accept that such kind of information about me will always be told.

There is no way a lion can pass by a herd of gazelles without people saying it did not feed on at least a gazelle, they will say it ate (a gazelle), even if it did not.

Therefore, I work tirelessly to make my nation, my fans, and my daughter proud. They should look back in history and appreciate my achievements.”

Hopefully there rumors will now come to an end as Diamond is not about to step out on his marriage anytime soon.  At least now #teamZariamond can put a smile on their faces again.