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How To Rock The T-shirt Dress Just Like Huddah Monroe

Huddah Monroe’s fashion has always been on point. Her dressing choice is always comfortable, chic but sometimes with a touch of a boys look.
We have seen many celebrities abroad rocking the T-shirt dress but we need to acknowledge that Huddah rocks this look so amazingly here in Kenya and Tracy Wanjiru too.
The T-shirt dress is very sexy but you need a lot of guts to pull off this look easily. The trick with always looking hot is this dress can easily be explained by the following pictures of Huddah.

Always keep it simple with this look.

Too much accessory might spoil this look and leave you looking like a clown walking down the streets.

If you are so much into jewelry then Huddah does it perfect for you and you just need to copy her style like in the picture below.  settle for a simple bag, it will make  you look sexy.

Belt it up if you want just like Kylie Jenner

Pair it with either classy boots or just with sneakers.

Remember a girls best friend is confidence so always be confident

Pictures Proving That Zari Hassan Is A Fashionista

Zari Hassan aka Mrs. Chibu is definitely a strong woman. 

After having  five children there is no doubt that Zari Hassan keeps on looking younger and much more stylish.

Fashion and style is one of the things you ladies need to copy from her. When it comes to her strength she is one of the most strong women around and she really knows how to ignore her internet haters or internet bullies.

Below are some amazing pictures of Zari Hassan fashion sense that you should copy

How To Steal Huddah Monroe’s Fashion Style

She is definitely one of Kenya’s hottest socialite, she calls herself “the boss chick”. We can all agree that Huddah Monroe is not just a pretty face but she is very hard working and quite intelligent too and that is why we can agree she is the boss chick.
Her fan are based across Africa and one look at her social media you will be filled with envy of just how much she has achieved, how much she travels around and her fashion is always on point.
I am one of the ladies who are so in love with her style and I have highlighted just a few things that she is always rocking and she is always looking good in.

If you want to steal Huddah Monroe’s fashion style here are things you need.

Shades And Cap

Huddah Monroe makes stunners and caps very trendy. It is very rear to see her leave the house without either both or one of the two accessories. She is definitely a trend setter!

Hight Waist trousers

Most of the time she is always seen in a high waist trouser and one thing we love about her she always go for clothes that perfectly fit her.

The first trick to always looking hot is choosing clothes that perfectly fits you.

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Celebrity-Approved Ways to Style a Choker

Necklaces are one of the major fashion accessory that you just must own. We have witnessed the fashion trend in necklace changing from being extra-long necklace to the exact opposite.
When it comes to necklaces, chokers, are the ones that have not only spiked to fame but gotten so much love from the celebrities too.

The beauty about chokers is that it never interferes with your outfit instead it compliments your whole look. Chokers is all about the cool-girl nod to ’90s grunge

To learn how to style a choker, here are your favorite stars who act as shining examples of choker-wearing greatness


Kendall Jenner styled a micro-skinny one with a sporty crop top and leggings. She look very sporty yet very chic and stylish.

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Fashion Pieces You Need To Retire From Your Closet

In life we get to that stage where we are much wiser and experiencing exciting time in our life, we want to dress fashionable but a bit conservative this is the stage where we look at certain pieces in our closet and just asked ourselves what in the world we were thinking.

This is the maturity in us that just want us to upgrade ourselves and still stylish and as much as we will argue that you should experiment new trends keep in mind to be cautious when building up new wardrobe. Some of the “old trends” pieces you have in your closet are amazingly gorgeous but they do not fit in with the milestone you have taken and you could try switching them with something more appropriate and fashionable. Here are just a few guides on what to elevate your wardrobe


Hot Pants

As much as you think that it is hot if your cheeks hang out, truth is it is not a good look. There is no point of showing your butt cheeks to everyone, instead choose a tailored pair of shorts that suits your personality and have a charming pattern or just some nice sized short. Pair it will that crisp shirt in your closet.

You will look much more presentable and very fashionable.

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Style and Beauty Tips From Your Favorite Artist, Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has sleek clear skin and doesn’t like sporting excess makeup. She is pretty and her kinky blonde hair makes her look bubbly and innocent. She posses a good skin and avoids beauty blunders by simply keeping herself easy.

She chooses product terribly fastidiously and strictly follows a number of rules. Her mother advices are the foremost necessary to her as she has been her mentor, particularly once its makeup in concern.

Here are some style tips from Taylor Swift according to Seventeen:


On Denims

“I like skinny jeans that are stretchy because they put less pressure on me.”


On Shoes

“Right now, I’m really obsessed with oxford shoes. They’re my go-to comfort shoe.”



“I love experimenting with my hair.”


“I love old-looking jewelry, whether it’s an old stopwatch or key that you can put on a chain for a really authentic-looking necklace.”


“I wear a million different fragrances, so it just depends on what I randomly pick, but I really like Lollia and Gwen Stefani’s perfumes.”


“I like shirts and sweaters that fall off the shoulder or plaid button-ups.”

Taylor-Swift-Beauty-Tips (1)

Girly Outfits

“I love sparkly headbands, so I go to the craft store and buy ribbon to make my own. You don’t have to spend a lot of money. I go in there and just have so much fun in the ribbon section. It’s a really fun activity and way to get an entire collection.”


Fashion Tricks For Curvy Girls

Who said curvy girls can not embrace major fashion trends or even look really hot and very fashionable? The major setbacks people face is not knowing what type of outfit will actually work well for their body. Great fashion is knowing your body type and knowing what will work well for you. You know what they say, If you got it flaunt it and I bet if you follow the below tips all your friends are going to be so jealous of your look.

Work on your self- esteem

If you are a plus size girl the most beautiful and attractive thing you can have is self confidence. Work on your confidence for you to be able to pull of any outfit you want. Never let anyone tell you that you are not beautiful because you are curvy.

Wear a wide belt

Wearing a wide belt helps accentuate your waist by cinching it. Buy some cute belts of various colours that will work well with your clothes and wear them. If you are not a belt lover use sashes, tie them to the side in a huge bow for that girly flair.

Accessorize your outfit boldly.

One major advantage curvy girls have over petite and tiny girls are that they can pull off bold chunky accessories better. Buy some long necklaces, large hoop earring and even big beaded bracelets. Try avoid any thin dainty as in mist chances you they will be lost in you. Carry bigger bags and try choose a bag that will fall at your waist, bust line or even hips.

Wear some wrap tops

When you are curvy you have to fashionably yet classily flaunt your assets. You have to keep in mind that there is a very thin line between trashy and classy so when flaunting keep it on the classy side. Buy some wrap tops as they will accentuate your waistline, while smoothing out your lumps and bumps.

Another top you can try is a v-neck. If you want people to take you seriously and guys to like you not because you have a great cleavage then just don’t show too much.

Wear flared jeans

We all love skinny jeans and mostly because they are in style. One thing curvy girls should avoid is wearing skinny jeans as this will only put emphasis on your thighs and make them look bigger. Instead look for nice flarred jeans that balance out your hips and thighs and create an illusion of equally perfect proportion body. Now this is one fashion you got to try.

Do not wear too tight clothes.

Too tight clothes makes you look bigger while too baggy clothes will make you look sloppy and very unkempt. Clean out your closet and get rid of your small clothes or too big clothes.

fashion 2As much as some of us might love bold prints, don’t keep anything with big, bold prints, puffed sleeves, or any chunky knitted sweaters. None of these items are flattering to you or your curves.

Fully embrace your belly

There are many people who are curvy and believe in hiding their belly this leads to them wearing unflattering baggy clothes. Am pretty sure this does not help you feel good about yourself. So instead of focusing on hiding your tummy, find clothes that make you happy.