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Erick Omondi On How To Be Vera Sidika Is Hillarious

Kenyan comedy is very well represented by Erick Omondi no doubt about that. Recently Ericko has been taking the laugh industry on another level and the his latest video on how to be Vera  Sidika is a blast.

The video has been trending on youtube with many people commenting on just funny it is. Watch it below

What do you think of Erick Omondi new comedy style is it a hit or a miss?

Erick Omondi And Chipukeezy Losing Their Mind? Here Is Their Latest Stunt

When it comes to Kenyan comedy we just think of Erick Omondi, he is super talented and very creative when it comes to comedy but is he taking it way too far.

Well Erick Omondi and his good friend Chipukeezy are just crazy, the duo are teasing with their latest comedy video “The gods are not crazy we are”. It is an adaptation of the 80’s hilarious movie “The gods must be crazy” that was shot in Botswana.


Eric has been sharing photos of the short film on his gram. The outfits the two are wearing are so skimpy just like the ones in the original movie.


Do you think Erick Omondi and Chipukeezy are losing it?

Trouble in paradise? Eric Omondi and fiancée Caught Fighting in Public

Few weeks ago we did an article on our favorite couple Erick Omondi and his fiancée Chantal, well as much as it all seemed like a garden of roses we have by a clip about the duo having a public fight.


The two have always flaunted their love or one another over social media.  The video leaked is really building doubts in our minds of how smooth the sail is.

In the video released by SDE , the two are involved in a heated exchange over cheating allegations at a popular Nairobi restaurant.

From the video we can see Chantal is angrily confronting Ericko, who seems to be confused by the whole allegations. Apparently Erick Omondi has been sending airtime to various women and Chantal was not just there for it.

“Why are you sending her airtime, and she is not the only one,” shouts Chantal

“see, there are transactions of 200, 500….” She continues angrily.

Eric is clearly heard denying the claims.

The confrontation then ends as Chantal angrily throws a drink at the comedian’s face before storming off.

The video seems to be clearly acted out leaving us to wonder is it just another publicity stunt or is there trouble in paradise.

 See for yourselves below and share your thoughts with us on the comment section


Is Erick Omondi and Chantal Juliet Kenyans Power Couple?

Erick  Omondi and his girlfriend , Chantal Juliet,  have been one of my favorite Kenyan couple. The pair looks fantastic together and we have never seen any drama between them. They are simply amazing.

Chantal is an Italian/ Kenyan and she is true definition of beauty. The couples are always celebrating one another on Instagram and we can all agree that Eric Omondi is deeply in love with Chantal. The comedian revealed that the two met during the Kenya at 50 Show at Kasarani last year. The lady had come to specifically see Eric perform.

From there, things have gone as expected; they’ve been dating and now, he’s planning to put a ring on it:

“I really love this lady, not because she is beautiful but because of her personality, it’s rare to find a beautiful lady with an equally beautiful personality,” Eric told Pulse magazine.

I am in love with this couple and am wishing them all the very best.

Here are pictures of Erick Omondi and his girlfriend Chantal that will make you love them too.

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Use arrows below to view the next pictures of ericko and his girlfriend.