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Is This The End Of Zari And Diamond Platnumz Relationship?

Seems like Zari Hassan was not pleased with news that her man, Diamond Platnumz, was in Zanzibar with BBA 2013 winner, Dillish Mathews.

Zari who has been battling many rumors about Diamond cheating to now having a baby with Hamisa just cant catch a breather.

Yesterday she went on Snap chat praising the late Ivan for ensuring they have a good life. This is a clear indication that all is not good at the Chibu Palace.

Below are some of what she shared

As if those snaps were not enough Zari went to Instagram to serve middle finger to her “Le Hubby” pictures.

Truth be told Diamond is such a player and its about time Zari moves on and focuses on her children.

How many times will the guy disrespect her in public and she keeps on holding on to him?

Anyway tomorrow all roads leads to 40 days of Hamisa’s baby, let wait and see just how much Abdul Naseeb junior looks like the dad.

Diamond Platnumz Already Moved On From Hamisa To Dillish Mathews?

You all remember Dillish Mathews, the Namibian lady who was rumored to be the cause of breakup between Avril and her South African fiancee?

Well Dillish Mathews is currently in Zanzibar and it seems she is there with none other than Diamond Platnumz.

They both took pictures at the same location and shared online.

If there is any truth to all these then Huddah was not wrong naming Diamond “pizza boy.

According to calculation, Diamond got Hamisa pregnant (if the baby is actually his and we believe  he is) just few weeks after Zari Hassan gave birth to prince Nillian.

Now just over a month after Hamisa Mobetto giving birth he is already sun-downing with Dillish.

Should we expect another baby in nine months time? 

Anyway cant help but wonder why Zari Hassan keep on defending him to the public yet he keeps on cheating on her every chance he gets.

Both Zari Hassan and Hamisa Mobetto are beautiful ladies and they should never put up with Diamond.

The heart want what it wants lol.