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Zari Hassan And Hamisa Mobetto Social Media War Just Started

Seems like we will be camping at the Chibu’s for quite sometime because baby mamas drama just kicked off.

So we all love some juicy gossip from celebs but sometime we look at the drama and we just cannot understand how they reason.

Diamond Platnumz betrayed Zari Hassan and had a baby with Hamisa Mobetto, we all thought after the interview of him acknowledging Mobetto’s son that will be the end of drama.

No it was just the beginning because last night Snap chat was so lit with the two grown women shading each other.

Well it started with Zari Hassan shading Hamisa , below is what she shared

That was enough to send Hamisa on a wild spiral because she hit back like she was the main chick








Zari was not impressed with the response she got from Hamisa so she went on Instagram and unfollowed her baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz.

With all these baby mama drama i cant stop but agree with Akothee’s post on Instagram

Seems Like Diamond Succeeded To Plead With Zari “Nitatoka Hapa Hadi South Africa Kwa Miguu’

Seems like everything is getting back in order at the Chibus palace.

The past few day it has all been about how Diamond cheated with Hamisa Mobetto and had a baby boy with her. By the congratulations Hamisa Mobetto.

Funny thing is that Diamond Pltanumz is just like our Kenyan men who when caught cheating they blame the devil,  yes he pulled played that card during his interview.

Anyway Diamond said he cannot leave Zari and he is ready to “tembea kwa magoti hadi South Africa”. That seems to have worked because Zari Hassan is back on Instagram calling herself “general” while Diamond seems to be enroute to South Africa.

As we await for another episode from the Dangote’s lets welcome prince Abdul to the family and wish his step mother, Zari Hassan, an early birthday.

Diamond Platnumz Finally Accepts Hamisa’s Baby After She Leaked Video Evidence Of Their Romance

If only Diamond Platnumz attended the 40 days for Hamisa’s baby then Hamisa Mobetto wont be serving us all this drama.

Anyway we love drama so keep them coming Hamisa. 

Who knew the whole time Hamisa was being a side chick she was keeping receipts?  Those receipts seems to have done their job as Diamond Platnumz today accepted that Hamisa’s baby was actually his and he has been their for both Hamisa and the baby since day one.

Below are some of the main things Diamond said during his interview with clouds Fm Tanzania.


So clearly Hamisa Mobetto has been in the picture way before Zari Hassan. Why in the world would she agree to play side chic to Zari Hassan then?


Zari Hassan was not impressed with the interview at all and while Diamond was still live she took it to Snap chat to him out on his lies and even threatened him with a law suit.

I think Zari Hassan Just need to dump Diamond and focus on her children and her work.

Zari Hassan And Hamisa Mobetto, Are They Sisters Wives?

Zari has always been online praising Diamond making him appear as a great man.

Well i found him very a very disrespectful man after pictures of him and Hamisa Mobetto are leaked online and Hamisa seems to be in the same bed Diamond shares with Zari.

Hamisa Mobetto being Diamond Platnumz other woman comes as no surprise as it is something that has been rumored a lot. The duo has been rumored to be a couple since last year when Zari Hassan found earrings in her bedroom.

Truth is Diamond is not the first man to have a side chick but i will argue that he is a very disrespectful man at it.

How many times has he denied being involved with Hamisa? Ok i get it he cant agree to that but to deny his baby with Hamisa and even calling her names on social media?  now that is no, because Hamisa has been warming his bed this whole time.

Below are some pictures of Hamisa in Diamonds bed 


I honestly hope Zari will decide to walk away from this toxic relationship.  She has always tried painting a picture perfect when it comes to her and Diamond but i think it is time to call a spade a spade and continue with her glam life.

Diamond need much more time to grow up and marriage wont make things better.

Is This The End Of Zari And Diamond Platnumz Relationship?

Seems like Zari Hassan was not pleased with news that her man, Diamond Platnumz, was in Zanzibar with BBA 2013 winner, Dillish Mathews.

Zari who has been battling many rumors about Diamond cheating to now having a baby with Hamisa just cant catch a breather.

Yesterday she went on Snap chat praising the late Ivan for ensuring they have a good life. This is a clear indication that all is not good at the Chibu Palace.

Below are some of what she shared

As if those snaps were not enough Zari went to Instagram to serve middle finger to her “Le Hubby” pictures.

Truth be told Diamond is such a player and its about time Zari moves on and focuses on her children.

How many times will the guy disrespect her in public and she keeps on holding on to him?

Anyway tomorrow all roads leads to 40 days of Hamisa’s baby, let wait and see just how much Abdul Naseeb junior looks like the dad.

Diamond Platnumz Already Moved On From Hamisa To Dillish Mathews?

You all remember Dillish Mathews, the Namibian lady who was rumored to be the cause of breakup between Avril and her South African fiancee?

Well Dillish Mathews is currently in Zanzibar and it seems she is there with none other than Diamond Platnumz.

They both took pictures at the same location and shared online.

If there is any truth to all these then Huddah was not wrong naming Diamond “pizza boy.

According to calculation, Diamond got Hamisa pregnant (if the baby is actually his and we believe  he is) just few weeks after Zari Hassan gave birth to prince Nillian.

Now just over a month after Hamisa Mobetto giving birth he is already sun-downing with Dillish.

Should we expect another baby in nine months time? 

Anyway cant help but wonder why Zari Hassan keep on defending him to the public yet he keeps on cheating on her every chance he gets.

Both Zari Hassan and Hamisa Mobetto are beautiful ladies and they should never put up with Diamond.

The heart want what it wants lol.

Between Zari Hassan And Hamisa Mobetto Who Takes The Crown In This Outfit

All those ladies and even some men who hate Zari for whatever reason, Hamisa Mobetto is the it girl.

With lots of praises for having a baby with Diamond Platnumz, Hamisa have been on the lime light for some time now.

Zari Hassan on the other hand is that woman who makes having five babies looks hotter. She is always on point when it comes to fashion and she has done an amazing work renovating her house in South Africa. To many she represent the all hands in woman who allows nothing to stop her.

Anyway both ladies who this dress and i think they both look beautiful but we still have to ask,

Who rocked the dress better? Zari Hassan or Hamisa Mobetto?


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When it comes tp getting the attention of social media mainly in our neighboring country, Tanzania, no one does it better than Zari Hassan.

Zari has always manage to be the talk of many bloggers bloggers by just sharing one picture.

During her #baecation with her baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz, Instagram was just discussing them and dissing Zari. When Hamisa Mobetto revealed the name of her new born many people went on attacking Zari and laughing at her.

Well yesterday was no exception, Zari who is currently in Tanzania shared a video of her decorated legs and fingers many assumed that finally Diamond was putting a ring on it.

Some of us would love to see Zari becoming Diamonds wife while others wont, it is just our preference. Anyway all the decoration were in accordance for a Swahili wedding.

Word on the street is that the couple are not getting married but all the decoration are due to the new song Diamond will be soon releasing which is about a local Swahili wedding and zari is the video vixen.

Keeping Up With Chibu Dangote And His Baby Mama’s Drama

These life our entertainment we always shout that but damn Diamond Platnumz need to control his house.

 Hamisa Mobetto has been getting a lot of praises from some people for allegedly getting pregnant with Diamond and even having his baby.She clearly was enjoying the spotlight calling herself “Mama Dee”, one thing i did notice though the majority who were praising her basically did not want Zari  Hassan to be with Diamond.

I wonder what Diamond promised Hamisa Mobetto as she went right ahead and named her baby baby after Diamonds father. You all know how the internet can really praise someone, Hamisa was cheered on for teaching Zari Hassan a lesson.

These events start to turn when diamond shared on twitter “Bitch dying for fame”, 

Of course people  said that was Zari’s writing but is  that not Diamonds page? Should he delete what he think is offensive to some he cares about? Whether it was Zari who wrote it or not the fact that Diamond left it there is a complete disrespect to the woman.

 Hamisa took to Snap chat to vent out a bit last night and she clearly seemed angry,

She clearly is frustrated for some reason only her knows, she do not deserve baby daddy calling her a bitch but girl you knew Diamond was with Zari why have his baby still? Maybe he told you all the good stuff you wanted to hear.

Ladies if you are a side chic do not go having babies or a baby then wanting to be main chic.

Then again Diamond why would you go make another lady pregnant when you are already in a relationship with Zari and you two have two children? Don’t you respect your relationship with her?

For those trying to bash Zari clearly she was not there when the two were sleeping around to even get pregnant, its all on Diamond and Hamisa.

Don’t go insulting Hamisa, she did not make that baby alone, it takes two to tango.

Anyway maybe the new song by Diamond, FRESH, was the cause of the outbusrt from Hamisa.

Diamond Platnumz Blasts Hamisa Mobetto Online.

The love triangle between diamond, Zari and Hamisa is just getting tiresome , anyway lets get to the juicy stuff before we start yawning.

Hamisa Mobetto just had a baby and she has been going extra mile letting it known to the world that the father of her new baby boy is Diamond Platnumz. She started off by calling herself ‘mama Dee” ok Hamisa we get it Diamond was denying your baby.

Diamond and Hamisa have definitely been dating for a while now, there is no denying that but the whole time they have kept their affair a secret meaning Hamisa was cool being the side chic.

Now Hamisa is acting like she want public recognition from Diamond, that not now ‘secret side chics” act, they stick to their lane and let the main chic stick to hers.

I personally think Diamond is publicly denying the baby but when the curtains close he is being a full hands on dad to Hamisa’s kid, so what is her problem?

Anyway if Diamond if the father then he need to stop this immature behavior of denying responsibility and just call a spade a spade.

Yesterday Hamisa did the naming ceremony of her baby and revealed the baby name on Instagram. She obviously named the baby after Diamond’s father, Abdul Naseeb.


Diamond was clearly not impressed by Hamisa sharing the name on social media because he went to Twitter call Hamisa a “Bitch”,

Truth is both Diamond platnumz disrespected her relationship with Zari Hassan by not only sleeping with Hamisa but making her pregnant too.

Hamisa knew the whole time that Diamond was in a relationship with Zari Hassan and they had two children but she was cool the whole time being “mpango wa kando” so she need to calm herself down and enjoy the ride from her lane.

As for Zari Hassan, she is truly beautiful and very smart but she need to decide on whether she wants to keep up with Diamond disrespects or not because Hamisa is just the first one there are many more to come.

That said lets wait as the episodes keeps unfolding.