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Was Diamond Platnumz Disrespectful To Zari Hassan By Singing About Wema Septu’s Shape?

Diamond Platnumz recently released a new song  “FIRE” featuring Nigerian artist Tiwa Savage.

Well the song seems to be doing really good hitting up many charts and getting positive review  feedback from the charts.

One thing though that we just cant get over is, Diamond singing about his baby mama Zari Hassan and his ex-girlfriend Wema Sepetu in the same song and same sentence.

Below is the actual sentence,

“Niwe kama Tsunami, jinsi unatetema…Sura Zarina Hassan, Shape Sepetu Wema…I say you are fire baby”

Well maybe it is just a marketing strategy because in this music business you need to be smart and target fans.

Fact is Tanzanians can not diss a song where diamond is praising Wema Sepetu and at the same time he praises Zari Hassan to keep Zari fans also hooked to the song.

Business mind aside, many people think it was a total disrespect to Zari Hassan and Diamond should have never compliment Wema’s shape.

Here are some of the reactions from fans:

halia Alita: maybe its showbiz but as for me I can’t stand that kind of disrespect. u don’t mention ur baby mama and ex bitch in the same line.darn.man

Wambui Yunny: haiya zari n wema in the same sentence….kunani huku?

Ray Nish: wait sepetu? Zari? warrishappenin here

Sarah Wasike: I don’t believe this is the diamond who sung ‘mbagala’ just miss the good old days….. siku hizi tunaimbiwa mathogothanio tu 😏😏😏

Naijat Yakub: Sura Zarinah Zari 😂 shepu sepetu wema😂 this dude has the gats. Love the art of the lyrics 👍🏽

angie isabel: Sura Zari Hassan, shepu Sepetu Wema,akinigusa Hamisa Mobetto 😂😂😂

conso kwadi: Wait!? Did he just do a call combo? Sepetu n Zari?…,confused boy

Justine Fundi: am I the only one who hear sepetu wema?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Kelvin Brontoh: kama bado wamuimba wema basi bado una mapenzi kwenda kwake duh!!!! chibu dagote iko juuu

pennypeshable: Ati sura Kama ya Zari Hassan na shepu Kama ya Sepetu Sema! Mambo ndio Kama hayo basi

Anyway we all know Zari Hassan’s face is very attractive  and as for Wema Sepetu’s Shape some find it really sexy while others dont. So beauty is on the beholders eyes.

Zari Hassan Hospitalized Few Days After Her Mother Suffered Heart Failure

There is doubt this is one of the toughest year Zari Hassan can face.

We all know she is a strong woman but she recently lost the father of her three boys and few weeks later her mother was hospitalized for heart failure.

Well as if that was not enough torture for any human being, yesterday Diamond Platnumz shared a picture of Zari Hassan on a hospital bed.

From the picture one can assume that Zari might have suffered dehydration but we are just guessing.

Anyway she has been through alot and we just wish her quick recovery.

For all those wishing her evil, have some humanity.

Diamond Platnumz Spends Father’s Day Shopping With His Step Children

After the loss of their father, Diamond Platnumzz seems to be doing a great job stepping up as father figure to Zari Hassan three boys with Ivan Ssemwanga.

With so many rumours that sorrounded the family on their disunity, it is really good to see Diamond stepping up and being their for the boys.

Happy fathers days to all the fathers out there

Huddah Monroe Finally Speaks Out On Sleeping with Diamond Platnumz.

Huddah Monroe’s friendship with Zari Hassan was one that was envied by many people. The two ladies had a fallout and Huddah took things way to far by calling Diamond Platnumz a “pizzaBoy“.

She further claimed on social media that she slept with Diamond while Zari and her baby daddy were still together. This marked the end of the relationship between Zari Hassan and Huddah Monroe.

Finally Huddah has addressed the issue and she said she is  about that life.

Below is what Huddah shared

There you have it now. Huddah Monroe never slept with Diamond Platnumz.

I just cant help but wonder who started with the lies about this?


Diamond Platnumz Calls Out Zari Hassan For Cheating On Him

When it comes to Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz relationship we all know the one person that has been rumored a lot to be cheating on the other is Diamond.

With rumors of him sleeping with Huddah Monroe while Huddah and Zari were really good friends to Hamisa Mobetto current pregnancy, Diamond’s name has been very common on the cheating scene.

He took it to social media to try and turn the coat to Zari’s side by sharing a picture of Zari in a jacuzzi with another man.

Below is the picture he shared

Zari being the strong woman that we all know she is did not take that nicely. She went ahead and shared the following pictures making Diamond looking like a fool.

From the pictures above it is impossible to claim Zari was cheating when she was there with her son Raphy and most importantly the mans wife was there too and she is the one who took the picture.

Zari has so far deleted the two pictures from her Instagram page.

Hamisa Mobetto must be laughing her lungs out wherever she is.

Is this the end of this relationship or is it just a publicity stunt?

Recent pictures of Hamisa Mobeto Revealing Her Pregnancy

Word on the street was that Hamisa mobeto was expecting. From the recent pictures circulating the net we can all agree that Hamisa is indeed pregnant.

The main question is, who is the daddy?

Hamisa has been rumored to be Diamond Platnumz side dish for sometime now and she was even the leading model on the famous song SALOME featuring Rayvanny.

She is really beautiful and pregnancy seems to be keeping up well with her as she still look flawless.

If the pregnancy belongs to Diamond, Zari will feel betrayed and we just wonder if she will continue with the relationship with Diamond.

Congragulations Hamisa Mobeto we wish you all the best in this new chapter of your life.

Is This The End Of Zari Hassan And Diamond Platnumz Love?

Zari recently lost the father of her other 3 boys, Ivan Semwanga, in South Africa but he was buried in Uganda.

We all noticed Diamond Platnumz of his family were not by Zari Hassan’s side the whole time. Maybe it was due to the family dispute that was happening in Uganda. Well we  thought after the burial since Zari was just in Uganda and Diamond in Tanzania the two love birds will find time for one another.

This is far from the case as Zari is already back in South Africa with her children and they did not see each other at all. The fact that there are so many rumors about Hamisa Mobeto being pregnant with Diamonds child does not help the situation at all.

Word on the street is that Hamisa Mobeto is around 5 months pregnant with Diamond’c child and Diamonds mother knows all about it.

We all know Zari is a very proud woman as any woman should be and if the rumors are true will she stay with Diamond or leave his ass?


Zari Hassan Ex-Boyfriend Is Not Dead. The Rumours Are False

Some Uganda blogs earlier today announced that Ivan Don has passed on. This news was completely heartbreaking to may people.

Ivan who got critically ill weeks ago, had many people wishing him well because he used to help the less privileged in the society. He was admitted in an hospital in South Africa,
Well he news of his death is false and you should ignore such reports.

There is nothing more inhuman than wishing anyone death or announcing someone death when they are still alive.

Thank God Zari Hassan cleared the news  and put a break in such heartbreaking news.

The only thing we can all do right now is to pray for Ivan, it does not matter whether you hate Zari or not,  Lets all pray for Ivan.

Cosmogirls will not be sharing any of his pictures on his sick bed. Bare with us and understand we consider his family and  anyone else who has suffered the same in making that decision

Leaked Audio Of Zari Hassan Arguing Over Ivan Don Wealth

Ivan Don, zari Hassan ex husband and father of her 3 boys, has been sick for quite sometime now.

He was admitted in the hospital in South Africa critically ill. With videos circulating online just shows how much pain he has been in and yes he does look critical. Our prayers are with him.

Well word on the street is that Zari Hassan got into an argument with King Lawrence at the hospital as they were both visiting Ivan.

Below are some.of the leaked video of Zari arguing over wealth.

Zariiiiiiiiii kumanyoko

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Zari anataka Mali ya ivan kwa nguvu🔇

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The video are both in Luganda but we will share with you all.the translation once we get them.

We just do not know the authenticity of the above video but if it is true that Zari is already fighting for the wealth of Ivan, then it is quite a shame

Is Hamisa Mobetto Pregnant? Who Is The Daddy?

Hamisa Mobetto, Tanzanian model and video vixen, is such a beauty without a doubt.

She has been rumoured though to be romantically involved with Diamond Platnumz for quite sometime now.

With Zari Hassan strongly standing by her family with Diamond, Hamisa sremed to enjoy so much love from Tanzanians and a lot of praises.

Well rumours has it that Hamisa Mobetto is currently pregnant. Her recent photoshoot seemed like she was doing all she can to hidr her belly fueling more to the pregnancy rumours.

Below are some of the pictures from the shoot.

Do you think that Hamisa is pregnant and if she is is it Diamond platnumz baby?

If the rumours are true we wonder how Zari Hassan will react to such news.