How To Steal Huddah Monroe’s Fashion Style

Written By : melvine

She is definitely one of Kenya’s hottest socialite, she calls herself “the boss chick”. We can all agree that Huddah Monroe is not just a pretty face but she is very hard working and quite intelligent too and that is why we can agree she is the boss chick.
Her fan are based across Africa and one look at her social media you will be filled with envy of just how much she has achieved, how much she travels around and her fashion is always on point.
I am one of the ladies who are so in love with her style and I have highlighted just a few things that she is always rocking and she is always looking good in.

If you want to steal Huddah Monroe’s fashion style here are things you need.

Shades And Cap

Huddah Monroe makes stunners and caps very trendy. It is very rear to see her leave the house without either both or one of the two accessories. She is definitely a trend setter!

Hight Waist trousers

Most of the time she is always seen in a high waist trouser and one thing we love about her she always go for clothes that perfectly fit her.

The first trick to always looking hot is choosing clothes that perfectly fits you.

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