Signs That Your Man Is Taking You For A Fool And Just Want To Use You.

Written By : melvine

That amazing feeling we ladies get when we meet that guy who is smart, very handsome and he thinks we are all smart and beautiful is one of the best feelings to have sometimes, mostly in a bad day.

After a bit of flirting moment and contact exchange we walk away all smiling feeling like a jackpot and just hoping for everything to be perfect with guy. In most cases such situations lead to amazing texting moments, perfect hanging out and if you are crazy enough some really good sex.

He almost seems too good to be true… so is he all that good or is he just out there trying to play you for a fool?

Here are signs he’s not quite what he seems and he’s playing you for a fool:


He does not want to hang with your friends. 

Is your man always avoiding hanging out with you and your friends? Is he even against being introduced to them in the first place?

I know that men can find it very difficult hanging out with their girlfriends and her friend, this is understandable. Just watch out for him if he is always against sharing almost every area of your life with you.

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