Sex Mistakes You Have Probably Experienced

Written By : melvine

We all have had sex at some point lets be real, ok maybe not all of us, one thing we are all going to agree about is the sex scene we always see in movies is completely different  from real life.

I am not saying you can never have such a passionate sex like we see on movies yes you can and maybe you have but what we don’t always see is sex mistakes.

As passionate as sex can be there are some things that just make us cringe like “I shouldn’t have done that”

Here are some sex mistakes you have probably made:


One night stand

So I have heard few people praising how amazing they felt having a one night stand.

Have you ever had a one night stand? Personally am against one night stands.

Not only will you probably regret the person you picked when you were probably drunk  but the shame and the risk you expose yourself to makes one night stands just not worth it.

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