Seems Like Diamond Succeeded To Plead With Zari “Nitatoka Hapa Hadi South Africa Kwa Miguu’

Written By : melvine

Seems like everything is getting back in order at the Chibus palace.

The past few day it has all been about how Diamond cheated with Hamisa Mobetto and had a baby boy with her. By the congratulations Hamisa Mobetto.

Funny thing is that Diamond Pltanumz is just like our Kenyan men who when caught cheating they blame the devil,  yes he pulled played that card during his interview.

Anyway Diamond said he cannot leave Zari and he is ready to “tembea kwa magoti hadi South Africa”. That seems to have worked because Zari Hassan is back on Instagram calling herself “general” while Diamond seems to be enroute to South Africa.

As we await for another episode from the Dangote’s lets welcome prince Abdul to the family and wish his step mother, Zari Hassan, an early birthday.

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