How To Rock The T-shirt Dress Just Like Huddah Monroe

Written By : melvine

Huddah Monroe’s fashion has always been on point. Her dressing choice is always comfortable, chic but sometimes with a touch of a boys look.
We have seen many celebrities abroad rocking the T-shirt dress but we need to acknowledge that Huddah rocks this look so amazingly here in Kenya and Tracy Wanjiru too.
The T-shirt dress is very sexy but you need a lot of guts to pull off this look easily. The trick with always looking hot is this dress can easily be explained by the following pictures of Huddah.

Always keep it simple with this look.

Too much accessory might spoil this look and leave you looking like a clown walking down the streets.

If you are so much into jewelry then Huddah does it perfect for you and you just need to copy her style like in the picture below.  settle for a simple bag, it will make  you look sexy.

Belt it up if you want just like Kylie Jenner

Pair it with either classy boots or just with sneakers.

Remember a girls best friend is confidence so always be confident

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