Princess Tiffah Is Everything Just Like Her Father, Diamond Platnumz

Written By : melvine

Life of Diamond Platnumz is always a funny one to follow, he was first accused of being impotent and many Tanzanians used very hurtful words toward him on social media.

When Zari turned pregnant with their first baby, he accused Zari of still sleeping with her ex Ivan and even claimed Diamond was stupid to believe that was his baby because that baby was Ivan’s.

With the rumor being too much and many people believing that Tiffah was Ivan’s daughter, the Dangote family did a DNA test with showed that Diamond Platnumz was indeed the father. Many believed but some still denied it.

Well this picture just shows how much princess Tiffah Dangote is nothing like her mother but everything like her daddy Diamond Platnumz

Tiffah is a copy of Diamond how great has God been to this family?

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