Pictures Of Hamisa Mobetto Showing Just How Beautiful She Is

Written By : melvine

Rumors about Diamond Platnumz stepping out on Zari Hassan and having a bit of some side dish with Hamisa Mobetto went crazy when Zari traveled to Tanzania and found earrings in Diamond’s bedroom. The earring looked exactly like the ones Hamisa Mobetto had on a while back.
Zari took it to Snap chat to dare the owner of the earrings to go for them if she thinks she is woman enough.
Well that did not stop Hamisa as she later released a picture of her wearing pants that look exactly like Diamonds fueling further the rumors.

Below is what Zari shared on Instagram in response to the picture.

Well talk about Hamisa having guts and just wanting to prove a point, Hamisa Mobetto then shared a picture with what look like a temporary tattoo of Diamond’s name “CHIBU”.
Zari does seem insecure though and who wouldn’t if your man side chick is as beautiful as Hamisa?

Here are some pictures of the beautiful lady and as people call her, ‘zari Hassan’s panic button”

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