How To Perfectly Style Your Short Natural Hair To A Perfect Bun

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Written By : melvine

Natural hair is beautiful and very elegant but only when properly cared for and perfectly styled. Many ladies are currently transitioning from the weaves and the relaxed hair to our beautiful natural and this is amazing.

One of the hardest things when it comes to natural hair transitioning is the awkward stage where our hair is not too short but it is just not long enough for us to perfectly style it to a pony tail or a high bun. This like one real struggle we all have felt at one point or we are still going through.

Good news is you can actually tie your short hair into a bun!  Bun is one of the most simple yet stylish look you can give your hair but one thing to consider is that bun strains your hair edges and that is why you should not always wear it.

Here’s a quick and easy trick to tie your short hair into a bun in just 3 easy steps:


All credits goes to hair blogger Jascmeen.

Part your hair into two sections.

Make a ponytail with the top section, moving it as far back as you can.

Make a ponytail with the lower section, bringing it as far upward as you can, then using a hair band, secure the two mini buns into one.

Grab some Marley hair to make the bun. You can also opt for a fake ponytail. Start by wrapping the hair over the little ponytails (the two ponytails in one) to hide them, then twist the hair to add dimension.

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