Did Octopizzo Just Diss Nyashinski? He Definately Have Zero Chills.

Written By : melvine

Octopizzo is definitely turning out to be one of my favorite rappers in Kenya and probably East Africa. His humor is on point, his fashion is so cool and he can rap.
Well recently he went all the way on Khaligraph Jones for bleaching his skin. He did write him a letter on social media, a very funny letter indeed,

“Ndugu Omollo, nilikua nataka nikutoe Rangi lakini sasa siwezi ju umejitoa mwenyewe ???????????????? Ok this is not even funny am in shock!!,kama ni ukweli hizi risto naskia ati unajipaka aloevera then congratulations coz you just played yourself; Na Kama umecatch feelings katoe diss track coz matime we ukua na kiherehere sana. But as my brother in hiphop kama ni self esteem issues please am open to talk to you as a peer coz sometimes the society can be harsh & am saying this coz #iCare and you are a friend. So look for me when am back in the country. #Blacklivesmatter #beProud #beBlack#dontquit #8???????? But Kama umejitoa rangi ju ya hype then wee ni bure kabisa#PullUp #GangGang”

While he was on Trendlive yesterday he confessed there is nothing funny about papa Jones skin bleaching.
Octopizzo did not just stop at Papa Jones but when Larry Madowo asked him about rapper Nyashinski new song it was all laughter.

‘Huyo msee anaimba, huwezi ni compare na msee anaimba. Mimi ni rapper. Wacha nianze kuimba alafu sasa tuta-compare.”

He added;

“Kama ni ku-compare kuimba labda hapo amenishinda, but kama ni ku-compare kurap, haiwezi.”

That makes us wonder does Octopizzo only listen to his music or was he just true saying that Nyashinski is not rapping but signing?

Watch the interview below

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