Noti Flow Shading Huddah Monroe Backfires On Her.

Written By : melvine

So it is not news that Noti Flow can be very petty and she never misses a chance of shading or beefing with anyone on the showbiz.

Well she recently tried it out for Huddah Monroe, claiming Huddah copied her style.

This is what she shared on Instagram,

These Bi**hes be copying my swag I wonder if I can copy some of theirs 😂 Ain’t nobody slays like #queennoti doe 👑👅.”

Her fans were not impressed with this childish move from Noti flow, below are some of the comments from her social page

shilah_ms: Honestly Noti I like you plus ur music but don’t get s**t twisted comparing huddah n yourself is like a 7star hotel n a 3star one.😞.stick to ur lane hun you’ll grow up to be like, or even better than her.

prettymaureen100: Looool. Calm down mama. This is a very common look. You didn’t invent it.

wambui_marizu: You copied lol…huddah has always pulled this look even before you became famous 😂😂😂😂😂anyway huddah is your goal babe slow down @huddahthebosschick shes the real G

emmyshiru: Lmao why does it even bother you,,,invent something of ur own then claim to be copied ,,,,huddah will forever slay n will always be uptop,,,u got a looooong way to go

vennabosset: Viatu ratchet sana.. All over town😢 wig ….nay… Dont ever try to compare uaself with huddah aki.. Endelea na mtumba zako za beba na soo pole pole

stolen_princes: Honestly noty @notiflow you are ratchet, you don’t know class😂😂😂 stick to your thing but cause it’s seems like deep down you wish to be huddah, yall know she the one who is king in this game

One thing we are certain about is that Huddah will fire right back at her because we all know Huddah Monroe never misses a chance to be blunt and brutal on her snapchat session after smoking some weed.

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