Noti Flow Finally Reveals Her Boyfirend With This Sweet Yet Funny Picture

Written By : melvine

Noti Flow is not only a cast member in Nairobi Diaries but she is also a singer and lets just admit she is among the most controversial female celebrities in Kenya.
Love or hate her she seems like a free spirited girl who always live her life to the maximum as if there is not tomorrow. Her fame started when she claimed that Abass stole her song and did not even give her a cent for it.

Well she was quite an innocent darling then but after knowing exactly how the music industry works in Kenya, she has been linked up to so many scandals.
From being rumored to be a lesbian to having a fight with Pendo of Nairobi Diaries, Noti Flow clearly fears no one or nothing. She did make it clear to her fans that she is not a lesbian but a bisexual.

Finally after being secretive about the man she is dating, Noti Flow has decided to share a picture of herself and her bae.
Many people would call him sponsor but that make us wonder,

What makes someone a sponsor?

She captioned the photo, “#baked up ma #wigger till he turned pink 🐩🍁.” Clearly, Noti Flow lives in her own world.

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