No Time To Work Out? Drink This Perfect Green Juice For A Healthier Body

Written By : melvine

Health is all about choosing what to eat and choosing what not to eat from. Always treat your body to lots of nutrients from vegetables, good protein and good fat this will lead to a healthy you with no excess fat in your body.

Our body can very well survive without all the sugars we subject it to and without the entire fast instead replace all that with vegetables.

For those who do not always have time to work out of afford those special diets then nothing will be your friend more than healthy green juices. Not only are they easy to make but the ingredients are not that expensive.

In the meantime, we start the day with a broccoli smoothie as this will definitely secure you a shot of vitamins in the morning.


About 1/3 bag of frozen broccoli florets


1 kiwi

1 apple


1 Child spoon chia seeds placed in boiling water for about 10 min. (Optional)


Add Chia seed in boiling water and soak for a bit until they are gel like. You can skip this point if you are not using Chia in your juice.
Pour some lukewarm water over broccoli florets, so they are only semi frozen. Put them in the blender or food processor along with avocado and kiwi.

Add Apple and Cucumber in the blender until it is all perfectly blended.

Add the gelled Chia seeds and blend again.

Add ice cubes if you need the juice cold.

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