This Is How Much You Need To Pay Akothee To Do a Collabo With Her

Written By : melvine

We are all loving Akothee and many can argue that she is an inspiration when it comes to hard work pays. Akothee is one of Kenyan artist who has managed to gain public recognition and even won awards outside Kenya. Everything she does, she puts all her energy and talent in it.


One thing we always end up talking about is her lifestyle, her lifestyle can really inspire you to better your life no matter how you started off. Her fleet of cars has wowed many as we tend to see such in reality shows.

Akothee never sees to amaze us and one reason why we even love her more is how she has used her money, of course there is no crime in enjoying your money and partying a bit but we have to praise her for building her mansion. That is a lifetime investment


The one mansion she constantly shows off is in Migori and my oh my isn’t it big and fancy.


She has worked with Tanzania’s Diamond on their mega hit ‘Sweet Love’ which has millions of views on youtube.


She also worked with Nigeria’s Flavor on the hit song ‘Give It To Me’ and it has gained recognition in different countries especially Kenya and Nigeria. This is just how much her career has so far grown and we are looking forward to seeing her take her career even much higher.

In an interview with Radio Citizen’s Willy.M Tuva, she disclosed the amount she would charge to do a collabo.

As artists, we don’t have to rush into signing deals with record labels, we can make our own money using social media. Don’t settle for less. As for me don’t call if you can’t afford to raise one million shillings for a collabo.”


Well there you have it, if you have been wondering just how much it will cost you to have Akothee on your track.

Collabos have rules and if you want a certain artist to collabo with then you need to pay them. Every artist have their own price but this is for Akothee.

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