Mishi Dora Accusses Akothee Of Wanting Her Boytoy Rayvanny

Written By : melvine

Let’s not talk about all those fights Mishi always get herself in with her fellow cast members of Nairobi diaries with her recent fight being between her and Risper Faith where she really got the beating she deserved but now Mishi have her guns out for Akothee.

The main reason Mishi is out  for Akothee is because of none other than the Wasafi singer Rayvanny.

Mishi revealed that she went to Tanzania and had sexual intercourse with Rayvanny and now the socialite wannabe lass condemned Akothee for sending a link to her sex mate Rayvanny of an interview she did.

Well from the video below you can clearly see Mishi is angry with Akothee for forwarding the link to Rayvanny and she takes it a step further by claiming that Akothee might actually been wanting Rayvanny to have sex with her.

“Mimi Hajaniuliza chochote…Yeye kiherehere bibi ya chief ametumia Rayvanny link direct…She send the video before Rayvanny Smashed but still alikuja akasmash….” she continued;

“I dont know kama anataka Rayvanny…i dont know…”

After that accusation Mishi revealed that Akothee was there for her when she got into an accident . Seems like the two have fallen out but is Mishi crazy?

We just don’t see Akothee wanting Rayvanny in a sexual way so Mishi need to take the “L”

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