Leaked Audio Of Zari Hassan Arguing Over Ivan Don Wealth

Written By : melvine

Ivan Don, zari Hassan ex husband and father of her 3 boys, has been sick for quite sometime now.

He was admitted in the hospital in South Africa critically ill. With videos circulating online just shows how much pain he has been in and yes he does look critical. Our prayers are with him.

Well word on the street is that Zari Hassan got into an argument with King Lawrence at the hospital as they were both visiting Ivan.

Below are some.of the leaked video of Zari arguing over wealth.

Zariiiiiiiiii kumanyoko

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Zari anataka Mali ya ivan kwa nguvu🔇

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The video are both in Luganda but we will share with you all.the translation once we get them.

We just do not know the authenticity of the above video but if it is true that Zari is already fighting for the wealth of Ivan, then it is quite a shame

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