Kenyans On Twitter Attack Sauti Sol

Written By : melvine

Kenyans on Twitter are savage.

When it comes to ranting, rant all you want but dont take it to Twitter because KOT have zero chills and will show you no mercy.

Sauti sol found themselves on the receiving end when they shared a tweet that was well received by KOT.

You all know how Sauti Sol like dressing up in those tight pants, basically their dressing code? Seems like many people have just been studying them and anxiously waiting for that day that they will get a chance to lash out at them.

Below is what actually Sauti Sol tweeted :

In all honesty i do not think they meant it in a negative way whatsoever, they were just trying to pass a message.

Well here are some of the response they received, they are kinda funny though.

Anyway it is never that serious when it comes to social media so laugh your heart out and have an amazing Friday the 13th.

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