Kenyans Attacks Joe Muchiri For Name Calling Huddah Monroe

Written By : melvine

Huddah has always proven to many people that she is the number one hustler and she is not only here to stay but to make it big.

When RIck Ross shared her picture on Instagram, Huddah was not the only happy person as many Kenyans went on the page praising Huddah for the recognition.


Well leave it to Joe Muchiri to take his negative self to Rick Ross page calling both Rick Ross and Huddah “hoes’


Below is what he shared,

H*es recognize h*es 😂😂😂 🚶🏽🚶🏽🚶🏽.” He commented

Well he should have just kept that comment to himself because what he received next was way overboard,

divineq_: peleka umama yako 1824!!when broke illiterate ni**as come for bosses all because they can’t smash!!! Lane ya h*es yako wako 1824!!!si Huyu!!! @joewmuchiri

vee_malkia: @joewmuchiri …bish ass nikka….always drinking free alcohol ..from one club to another looking for complementaries..better h*es than being a begger..sick n tired of mean peeps allowed to get away with sh*t..cuz thy think thy are small gods n peeps fear em…go f**k urself….shame on you

duchesshonero: @joewmuchiri that’s a sad thing to say about ur fellow compatriots….on an international social media. U can do better! Men with with small d**k syndrome always do the most!

_cieloh_: @joewmuchiri that was so extra and uncalled for though! Let a girl shine🤦🏽‍♀️

justanothernigha: @joewmuchiri caught feelings, she muss be the one the got away hehehe

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