Is Ivan Semwanga’s Burial Going To Be Dismantled?

Written By : melvine

I dont know if people just dont want Ivan to Rest In Peace of they are just looking for something to talk about.

After his burial many reports surfaced that Ivan Don is not dead and the whole burial was just a show to help him escape people he allegedly owed money after a business deal went south.

I wonder what his family must be thinking of the world, loosing someone in life is very difficult but to see people coming up with various stories about him or her makes the pain worse.

Anyway Ivan’s funeral has been the talk of town for nearly 2 weeks now and we cant just ignore the fact that his grave was splashed with champagne and money before they laid him to rest.

A city lawyer has now appealed to the courts so that Ivan’s grave can be dismantled and the money removed from the grave.

Do you think they should dismantle his grave or let Ivan rest peacefully?

Below Are Pictures From His Burial


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