Internet Attacks Zari Hassan For Using Someone Else Picture.

Written By : melvine

Internet is always full of self proclaimed FBI and all kind of people.  If you are a celebrity the internet can be so loving towards you but can never miss a chance of being savage towards you either.

Well Zari Hassan got herself in some situation with Instagram users over a picture.

Diamond Platnumz family are the  official celebrity marketers for a mall in Tanzania. As part of marketing, the Chibu’s have to post about the shop and what can be purchased from there.

Zari decided to download a picture from another person and use it to market Danube, well the she got alot backlash when people discovered that the owner of the picture is in USA and has nothing to do with Danube.

Below is the picture that landed Zari on the wrong side of social media

The funny thing is that the owner of that picture commented on it thanking Zari for using her picture which clearly shows she was cool with it.

Well internet can be savage mostly if you are famous.

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