This Is What Huddah Did After Seeing Her Friends Boyfriend Cheating On Her Friend

Written By : melvine

One fact about many relationship in this current times is that it is all made up of lies, cheats and very little trust.
Sometime you can find yourself in a tricky place where you see your friends’ man cheating on her and you just do not know what to do, you are wondering what the next best move to make is? Should you tell your friend or should you just turn a blind eye?

What would you do if you ever saw your friends boyfriend cheating on her?

Well your favorite Kenyan girl, Huddah Monroe found herself in this tricky situation while on her current holiday in Dubai. Huddah is in Dubai to watch one of the most expensive shows ever, The Formula 1, Grand prix 2016. We are speculating that she must be having a new man in her life after she shared a picture of a white guy with tattoos on his arm.

With all the fun and the adrenaline rush she is enjoying Huddah spotted her friend’s boyfriend with another woman, kissing and having a blast, and the most interesting part is that her friend thought that Huddah wanted her man the whole time.
This is one tricky situation to find yourself in and Huddah was not going to spill the tea on her friend that her man was all booed up in Dubai. On top of that she revealed that never in her life will she ever go out with any of her friends ex boyfriend.


Well Huddah being her normal self she changed her mind like in a second and of course she is a loyal friend to have.1

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