Huddah Monroe’s Ex-boyfriend Spills The Tea On What He Regrets The Most About Knowing Her

Written By : melvine

Not everyone but majority of us would love to be part of Huddah Monroe’s life. From her snapchats and Instagram she seemed to be living a lavish life and a fabulous one too.

One thing though we all know about Huddah she is not good at being in a long term relationship, this is something she herself claims and even announce to all her followers on social media.

Last year when Huddah announced she was in a relationship and even took it a step further to share her pictures with the really hot guy on social media we thought that was the final deal, Huddah finally found her match. This fairy tale did not work for long, few months later she announced she broke up with the guy because she is just not a relationship type.

Well, one of her ex boyfriend who  came back from the USA shared just how much emotions he had on seeing what Huddah has become..

This is what he shared

“We grew up in different estates and as childhood friends,Huddah used to be this gal who would mingle with everyone,so respectful but Kama kawaida mtaani stories emerge about someone just to tarnish his/her name My dad resigned from the Kenya Defense Forces and flew to the USA so we had to be left behind before he could settle and carry us along. My mum also a soldier at Karen Barracks where we have International Peace Support Training School obviously would not be around…This provided a nice ground for Huddah and I to spend time and nights together, of course her mum wouldn’t refute this affair…mother’s wenye mna madem mnajua how it feels for your daughter to be katiwad na jamaa mwenye ako na Roots za majuu. One fine morning,I got a call from a +1 number and it was dad.He wanted me to go to Nyayo house and start the process of *PASSPORT* Application. By how he had stayed in the USA for 4 months.So we got up and prepared ourselves to head to town

While in the queue, I met my high school guy Vanessa who had since joined the Kenya Navy..he also wanted to get a Visa where he also left the armed forces and headed to a country in Europe. Huddah didn’t like the idea of waiting for me so I allowed her to go to Tahiti and wait for me as I did my stuff. Joining the Army wasn’t my thing because my dad,mum,older brother were soldiers,and my youngest bro was attending the Catholic Seminary and he is now a priest in the KDF. We caught up with Huddah baadae and she was a bit drunk,so I hired a cab to take us home. Fast forward,my process took a while so I flew to the States on 7th July 2011.I couldn’t believe that I had left Huddah alone,and moreso on the palms of the upcoming mafisi guys in our mtaa. She escorted me to the airport and we departed. *THE SHOCK*

I started getting calls and messages about how Huddah had changed her lifestyle after about 3 years of my stay,ako na gari,ooh sponsors,ooh amehama,oh investments,ooh Selemani utaweza kumuoa na vile anadeal na high profile guys? Wah this felt like a deep arrow into my heart..of course nikiwa USA nlikua nasmash pia but sio vile..I knew something was amiss,I couldn’t concentrate in school….I was feeling that I need to be in Kenya so soon..but dad didn’t give me a nod. I used to follow Kenya’s buzz news na nlikua mshaanza kuona Huddah na kina Verah Sidika wakianza usocialite….I couldn’t believe my eyes,dame tulikua na so much vision together,why didn’t she tell me this nikienda hatastick namimi?

Anyway I can’t control her life…came to Kenya in 2015 and I made sure that I met her… meeting her was the worst decision watu wangu. Those guys who say that you can’t cry for a lady….mko so wrong. Vuteni stools na sofaset so that I can pour my heart out…Huddah my best pal…sawa tu.”

PS: we just cant verify how true this is as you know people can just say anything for whatever reason

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