Huddah Monroe And Vera Sidika Battles Over Slimming Tea.

Written By : melvine

One thing for certain is that the battle between our favorite Kenyan girls, Huddah Monroe and Vera Sidika will just never come to an end anytime soon. These two have once made up on snap chat and that peace lasted only few days or was it hours?
The two socialites’ who are both trying to change from being known as a socialite to a brand are at war again and you will not believe what they are battling over, TEA.

We have witnessed Huddah getting various endorsement deals from various international company and yes she took to both Instagram and Snap Chat to announce her ambassadorial deal and Vera did just the same causing a huge war between the two ladies. Good news is they only do online war but are never physically assaulting each other.
Recently Huddah took to Instagram to announce her ambassadorial deal with International detox company, Slim Tea Global

She posted:
“If you know me personally, you know that my biggest fear in this life is GAINING WEIGHT! I take slim tea to maintain my body and stay detoxed. I am so honored to have finally signed my contract as one of the Brand Ambassadors of SLIM TEA GLOBAL. Slimtea is an all natural ingredients product helping to keep trim and fit. Helps speed up your metabolism and Detox. Get you a pack of SLIM TEA on the website | or send mail to”

That same day Vera shared a throw back picture of herself showcasing the work of her very own detox tea, Veetox Herbal Detox. She captioned it

“Throwback… after several months of @veetoxherbaldetox It’s been an amazing year of trial. Since September 2015. If you looking to Burn Stomach Fat, reduce bloating and Slay that Flat Tummy, @veetoxherbaldetox is the way to go! I had to use Veetox Herbal Detox on myself, experience results, share with friends for trials & finally making it come true. Thank You Lord.”

Well coincidence do happen and one thing for sure there is enough money in the world for both ladies but we can just confirm one thing, the two ladies are back at the pettiness. There previous fights have always been about wealth, money and other vanities. Let the best tea win.

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