Hamisa Mobetto Throws Prince Dee A Party.

Written By : melvine

Weekends are definitely turning out to be my favorite days just because so much gossip, drama and throwing shade happens over the weekend.

This past Friday is the the famous Prince Dee party.

For those who dont know Prince dee, he is Hamisa Mobetto and Diamond Platnumz baby boy.

Ok not to be shady or anything but normally when we hear it is a party for Diamonds kid we expect so much than what we got from Prince Dee’s party.

So the party happened on Friday night at King Solomon hall but the baby was a no show. Since it was evening we get why the kid was not there which was actually very smart.

We also witnessed that no one from Diamond’s family was in attendance and  neither was Diamond. This is kinda sad though.

Kionjo Party ya Prince Dee wa @hamisamobetto na …….???

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I think the party was for Hamisa Mobetto and her mother so i dont get why they named it Prince Dee’s party.

Anyway on a very positive side Hamisa rocked the party in am amazing blue dress and she changed her outfit three times all looking fabulous.

Good job Hamisa on having an amazing night and looking fabulous though it all, you deserved to let your hair down .

Below are the other outfit change we witnessed from Hamisa

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