Is Hamisa Mobetto Pregnant? Who Is The Daddy?

Written By : melvine

Hamisa Mobetto, Tanzanian model and video vixen, is such a beauty without a doubt.

She has been rumoured though to be romantically involved with Diamond Platnumz for quite sometime now.

With Zari Hassan strongly standing by her family with Diamond, Hamisa sremed to enjoy so much love from Tanzanians and a lot of praises.

Well rumours has it that Hamisa Mobetto is currently pregnant. Her recent photoshoot seemed like she was doing all she can to hidr her belly fueling more to the pregnancy rumours.

Below are some of the pictures from the shoot.

Do you think that Hamisa is pregnant and if she is is it Diamond platnumz baby?

If the rumours are true we wonder how Zari Hassan will react to such news.

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