Did Hamisa Mobeto Get Diamond Platnumz Name Inked On Her Body?

Written By : melvine

After being rumored to be Diamonds side chick for a while now it seems like Hamisa Mobetto has had enough of it and want the whole world to know that she and Diamond are definitely sleeping together.

Rocking same lounge pants as Diamond was not enough and now the Tanzanian beauty has released a picture with what seems like “Chibu” inked on her back. Talk about having guts.

Diamond platnumz who is currently a father of two, prince Nillan and princess Tiffah, is said to have eyes for other women and as Huddah Monroe once called him “pizzaboy”.

Do you think that ink is Diamonds name?

We just cant help but wonder how zari Hassan must be feeling about all this but hey she shared her thought on her Instagram page.


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