How To Grow Long Beautiful Hair In No Time

Written By : melvine

Are you craving for that long luscious beautiful hair?  Well having short hair is not bad at all because you get a chance to rock the bob or even the pixie look but to some point you just want to rock the top knot look or just a rock down with cool look, these you can achieve with long hair.

So are tired of short hair and just want long hair? Well, good news. With these genius tricks, you’ll have long, healthy strands again in no time.


Trim it.

We are always afraid of cutting off just a little off when it comes to our hair, but as weird as it may seem trimming off just a little bit off will work magic when it comes to your hair growth.

Damaged ends will break off and make your hair shorter! No need to go crazy though, just get the ends trimmed every six weeks.

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