Fashion Tricks On How To Hide Pot Belly

Written By : melvine


Most of us ladies have one major common issue that and that is the belly fat. Am sure most of us have been in that situation where we had to suck in our bell because we felt the outfit we had on at that time was showing of too much belly.

I am going to give you a guide on how you can just relax and be yourself no matter the outfit yet look like you have a nice small belly. One major secret is to highlight the beautiful things about your body and draw attention away from your belly.

Try following these simple steps for this trick:

  1. It is always wise to highlight parts where you feel confident about and not your weakness so in such a situation avoid tight clothes over your belly area

2. jacketsTry layering. Wear several layers or just wear a modern stylish jacket that emphasizes a vertical line, this will make your belly fat impossible to notice. Layering works like magic when you need to hide your belly fat

3. One mistake many people make is to go for a belt which emphasizes on their belly. Stays away from belts instead go for a statement necklace as it will draw attention to your neck instead of your belly

4. I would recommend that you pick tops and blouses with details around the upper half of the body (shoulders and neck-line) such as ruffles, embroidery, crystals or studs.

draped5. Always try to go for clothes that are drapped over the belly area. You can also try frills as these two will totally hide your belly fat and make your mid section look much smaller than they really are.

6. Try explore more on darker colours or shades. If you love wearing animal patterns it is ok,  just don’t settle for anything too extravagant

7.long dress  When wearing dresses it is a great idea to choose dresses that are below the knee. If you want to wear long dress try one with drapes around your stomach.

8. Clingy material is a big NO, instead of this fabric go for firmer fabrics that are structured with a little lycra. Pencil skirts can work well in such situation.

9. jeansTry picking a pair of jeans that sits flat on your stomach like mid-rise pair. Avoid low-waist jeans which would give off a push-up effect to your belly and hence highlighting the belly fat even further.

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