Every Girl Need A Dera In Her Closet. Here Is Why

Written By : melvine

We all love looking all stylish, elegant and very classy but sometimes we just want to wear something relaxing loose and comfortable. Over the weekend or just on your off from work or school and you just want to relax there is no better attire to wear then the dera.

A dera is basically a large dress that comes in different styles. Dera have been worn all over Africa for so many years but recently it has been modified to be a fashion statement; everyone loves deras even celebrities.

Here are awesome reasons why every girl should own at least one:


With enough style, you can dress them up

If anyone ever told you that wearing dera limits you on how to glam it up, they lied. You can style dera and even accessorize it well enough to maintain a very fashionable yet comfortable look.

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