Is Erick Omondi and Chantal Juliet Kenyans Power Couple?

Written By : melvine

Erick  Omondi and his girlfriend , Chantal Juliet,  have been one of my favorite Kenyan couple. The pair looks fantastic together and we have never seen any drama between them. They are simply amazing.

Chantal is an Italian/ Kenyan and she is true definition of beauty. The couples are always celebrating one another on Instagram and we can all agree that Eric Omondi is deeply in love with Chantal. The comedian revealed that the two met during the Kenya at 50 Show at Kasarani last year. The lady had come to specifically see Eric perform.

From there, things have gone as expected; they’ve been dating and now, he’s planning to put a ring on it:

“I really love this lady, not because she is beautiful but because of her personality, it’s rare to find a beautiful lady with an equally beautiful personality,” Eric told Pulse magazine.

I am in love with this couple and am wishing them all the very best.

Here are pictures of Erick Omondi and his girlfriend Chantal that will make you love them too.

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